Seth Maness and Jonny Gomes Combine for Beautiful 'Bases Loaded' Moment

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterOctober 28, 2013

Photo Credit: Marc Carig Twitter

Things are officially nuts at the usually mild-mannered World Series. 

Four games in and we have seen: an obstruction call, a brutal run in with the outfield wall, a botched call get overturned and a runner picked off to end a game. (Funnily enough, Shelby Miller is still absent.)

Thanks to the conveniences of modern technology and the nostalgic and amazing memory of Newsday's Marc Carig via The Big Lead, we now have proof the baseball gods wanted to recreate an iconic moment from a damn good baseball game from our past: the NES's Bases Loaded:

What you have there is the beauty and anguish of a brief video featuring a defeated Seth Maness and triumphant Jonny Gomes after a three-run home run in Game 4. 

Don't blink, because the answer to "Why does that look so familiar?" is right around the corner. 

Carig had the same thought many of you had and went through the archives in his brain and remembered the same scene that played out on Nintendo systems throughout the nation in the late 1980s. 

Now some of the comments to Carig on Twitter take care to note the guy who hit the virtual slam was none other than Paste. 

Many of you will recall that Paste was kind of a juggernaut in the game, so it's a little ridiculous that anyone would pitch to the character that boasted a .467 avg. and 60 home runs

The only bad part about this find is the team on the receiving end is my beloved Philly, the squad I used for years until the Sega Genesis stole the bulk of my gaming hours. 

Also, who has Car going all nine against a stacked Jersey squad? Is Dusty Baker managing over there? With so many arms in that bullpen you really are asking for trouble that late in the game. 

Also, The Big Lead's Mike Cardillo offered that this was one of the only games that allowed you to charge the mound. While correct, it was a chore to ever make it happen when you wanted to. 

There should be a small memorial at my house for all the batters I had to plunk in order to see a virtual brawl. Oh, but it was worth it. 

As for Maness and Gomes, they played but a small part in one of the best Vines to come from the World Series. 

Sure, the NBA season is here, but good luck trying to find a suitable NBA Jam moment. 


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