Video of Jason "Mayhem" Miller and Uriah Hall's Scuffle Surfaces on YouTube

Steven RondinaFeatured ColumnistOctober 28, 2013

As you may or may not have heard, now-retired middleweight journeyman Jason "Mayhem" Miller and The Ultimate Fighter season 17 runner-up Uriah Hall were involved in a scuffle following a BAMMA event last weekend.

MMA Interviews has posted a video of part the incident to their YouTube channel, which you can see above (click here as embedding on the video has been turned off). You can also catch a glimpse of the meat of the action in the below gifs.

In it, Miller is heard repeatedly using a racial slur to antagonize Hall while waving his middle finger in his face. Hall eventually throws a punch. Miller takes a step toward Hall, but the two are immediately broken apart and separated.

The description of the video discusses what happened immediately before the video started and sheds light on how things escalated between the two:

The scene begins with Jason "Mayhem" Miller being aggressive to a woman who is apparently his ex girlfriend whom he has allegedly assaulted in the recent past. She was visibly emotional and upset and he continued to yell at her. Uriah Hall poked his head in the situation and instantly Miller turned his aggression to him. He began with continuous rants of, "N**** please." Then the video starts and you see the rest.

Hall trains at Reign MMA, a gym founded by Mark Munoz which Miller previously trained and coached at. Miller was famously booted from the gym last month by Munoz, who was previously one of Miller's greatest advocates, due to his recent brushes with the law. It is very likely, at least in part, that Miller's ongoing feud with the gym and his former friends and training partners was behind this.

Miller took to Twitter to continue the feud afterwards, repeating the racial slur. However, after being bombarded with negative reactions to his language, insisted he was in no way a racist: 

It seems to me that I must play the "bad guy" insomuch as that is the narrative that everyone is writing for me. Truth is, I'm full of love.

— ɹƎ˥˥IW WƎH⅄∀W (@mayhemmiller) October 26, 2013

Some guy got in my face, I punked him, he threw, I slipped it.

— ɹƎ˥˥IW WƎH⅄∀W (@mayhemmiller) October 26, 2013

I have no hate for anyone based on race, and idgaf what u think anyway.

— ɹƎ˥˥IW WƎH⅄∀W (@mayhemmiller) October 28, 2013

"Mayhem" has been on a steady downward spiral since being released from the UFC after going 0-2.  Not too long after the initial release, he was arrested after vandalizing a church while completely naked and followed that up with his infamous "Lucky Patrick" appearance on The MMA Hour. More recently, he was arrested three times within 30 days between August and September for charges that included domestic violence.