Victoria: One Of The WWE's Big Losses Might Be TNA's Biggest Gain

Christi LottCorrespondent IMay 24, 2009

Rumors are wild with word that TNA is in final talks to sign former WWE Women's Champion Victoria. I for one find this to be not only a great move, but a major opportunity for TNA to step up their game and become better than the WWE.

Victoria's last few years with the WWE were, to say the least, forgettable. One of the WWE's best wrestlers and psychotic characters was turned into a comedic, stumbling, jobber. It was a sad day to watch her retirement, not because she supposedly wasn't going to wrestle anymore, but because she just never got the right send-off in more ways than one.

This move to TNA can be good for her because she can get the chance to shine. With fewer Knockouts on the roster, Victoria has an opportunity to stand out as a wrestler and as a character. With Awesome Kong seemingly turning face, the old-school Victoria can easily replace her as the top heel, and even more so as the most physical presence on the roster.

For TNA, it's not only a good boost in their system of being able to "steal" away one of the WWE's best stars, but they're signing someone considered one of the most respected veterans—male or female—in wrestling. Victoria knows how to put on some great matches, and can make anyone look good in the ring. Her presence on this physical roster.

If this comes to fruition, TNA has taken another step in the right direction.