The Problem With Pro-Wrestling Fans Today

Juan Correspondent IMay 24, 2009

Hi, my name is Juan. I'm new on B/R and this is my first article. I've enjoyed reading lots of your articles, and I love this site. I hope you enjoy my little masterpiece. 

Years ago, when Hogan brought more publicity to the WWE, it was a great product. They had great storylines, acting, and it was just entertaining. Now days people are criticizing it for many different things that wouldn't have been thought about back then. The fans look at pro-wrestling in a different light. The difference between then and now is that fans have become more smarter than they need to be. 

Today, fans know everything that's happening. Lots of fans know the results of a match before it even takes place. They know all the backstage news. Is he hated by others in the locker room? What's his contract status?

Lots of wrestling fans know the answers to these questions about most wrestlers. This affects our feelings about a wrestling match and what's going on with the company.

Back then, even though it was fake, the people loved it. I don't think that most people knew it was fake because it looked real and no one told them otherwise. 

Today, we have the internet. It gives us a lot of evidence that it is fake. We take that into account every time we watch a wrestling match. 

I've seen it every where. We all do it. Every time there's something going on that sucks, we know it's all acting. We blame it all on Creative. Back then, it was exciting. People didn't know about the Creative Team. It felt like it was real.

Today, when there's a crappy storyline such as the Orton/Batista one, we just want it to end. If this same storyline was played back then, people would've been into it. They would be in suspense. They would want to know what's going to happen next. Orton wouldn't have had the large fanbase that he has today. He is shown as a coward today, and lots of people disagree with Creative for showing him that way, but back then people wouldn't disagree with anyone because it would feel like that was the real Orton.

If Flair came back then, I bet you most fans would've been happy about it because they wouldn't know what he feels in real life. They wouldn't care about his relationship with the WWE. They would just know that now Batista has someone on his side.

We have wrestling websites all over the internet now. Heck, even Bleacher Report is a place where spoilers and all the latest news, rumors, and gossip is written.

The most professional "dirt-sheet" wrestling website I've seen is Wrestling News World. They don't do a copy-and-paste job like most others. It's a really interesting site, where besides news and rumors, they also post blogs and have real interviews with real pro-wrestlers. That shows how professional and real that site is.

All these sites just tell us everything about the pro-wrestling world. Besides the recap of what's been going on, they tell us what the wrestler thinks about it in real-life, what's going on with the Creative Team, and what their future plans are (when someone is expected to return, etc).

In the world today, when we watch the WWE (or any other wrestling company), we think about what a horrible idea that storyline was, or how much of a bad actor this guy is, or how is this even possible? Why is the WWE pushing him so much? 

What we don't think is, "how dare he do that?" Something of that sort that makes us feel like it is real.

The point of this article was to tell you that we shouldn't get technical when watching pro-wrestling. Don't you hate it when some people don't get your joke and become all technical, telling you why it doesn't make sense?

We should try to enjoy what we're watching. We are making it look boring. Treat it like it's real, at least for that moment when you're watching it. 

I know there's no point in telling you to do that. It's not going to work for any of you, myself included. It's too late. I mean, I'm kind of telling you to believe pro-wrestling is real when it's not.

Knowing it is fake is why we don't enjoy it as much. I'm not telling you this is the main reason pro-wrestling isn't as good as it used to be though. There are crappy storylines and right now I would prefer Creative to use storylines from the Attitude Era (there, I'm getting technical).

Well, some of you might think this article doesn't make sense, and that would really suck for me. I hope you enjoyed it.