What the Toronto Raptors Need to Do

raunak singhContributor IMay 24, 2009

First, let's start with the draft.

The Toronto Raptors have a good pick this year—ninth overall. 

The dream pick for the Raptors would be  James Harden, because he is a true SG, has good range, can drive the ball, and he would be a good fit with Calderon, Bargnani, and Bosh (if CB4 decides to stay with the Raptors).

Another pick that we could be looking at is Stephen Curry who has unstoppable range, can create his own shoot, and has good passing ability—but he is most likely going to go to the Knicks.

So that leaves the Raptors with Demar DeRozan, Earl Clark, and Gerald Henderson. Out of those three, the best selection for us would be Demar Derozan, who can drive, shoot mid-range, and has a decent three-point shooting range.  He would also be a great fit with the Raptors.

Toronto should also look at trading for a second-round draft pick.


Free agents


Shawn Marion (Ther Raptors are already paying him more then he is worth.)

Jake Voskul


Antony Parker (Will be a great back up for Demar Derozan at the SG spot.)

Joey Graham (Has played great for the Raptors.)



Brandon Bass (Great player and great fit for the Raptors.)

Bobby Jackson (Veteran point guard.)

Damon Jones (Good as a back-up for Calderon.)

Matt Barnes (Great back-up.)



Roko and Humps for Tyrus Thomas


Humps, Jawai, and Kapono for James Posey (Posey's experience could help develop Demar DeRozan.)

Marcus Banks for a second-round draft pick (Toronto should then draft Jeff Pendergraph or Danny Green.)


Final roster:

PG: Jose Calderon (Back-up: Bobby Jackson, Damon Jones)
SG: Demar Derozan (Back up: Antony Parker, Rasual Butler)
SF: James Posey (Back-up: Joey Graham, Matt Barnes)
PF: Chris Bosh (Back-up: Pops, Brandon Bass)
C: Andrea Bargnani (Back-up: Jeff Pendergraph, Patrick O'Bryant)