Best GIFs from Sunday NFL Week 8

Best GIFs from Sunday NFL Week 8
via SI NFL, Getty

Another Sunday of NFL football has passed, and it was packed full of lots of exciting, interesting and cringe-worthy action. 

Here are the best GIFs from the Week 8 action:

Terrelle Pryor Set an NFL Record for Longest Run by a QB: 93 Yards

Later, Cordarrelle Patterson Set an NFL Record with a 109-Yard Kickoff Return for a TD

Dez Bryant Threw Not One, but Two Tantrums on the Sidelines and Got in Jason Witten's Face on One

It Wasn't Just Players Who Were Upset—Raiders Defensive Coordinator Jason Tarver Flipped off the Refs Twice

Pierre Garcon Had an Incredible One-Handed Catch

Megatron Had 329 Yards Receiving, Seven Shy of the All-Time Record—Here's How:

Two Patriots DBs Do the Tip Drill to Record an Interception

DeAngelo Hall Ripped the Ball from Demaryius Thomas for an Interception

Finally, Matthew Stafford Told Everyone, Including His Teammates, He Was Going to Spike It, but Decided to Score the Game-Winning TD Instead (via Buzzfeed)