WWE 2K14 Ratings: Most-Effective High Flyers in the Game

Brian Mazique@@UniqueMaziqueCorrespondent IIIOctober 29, 2013

image from WWE 2K14

If you are the type of gamer who prefers the Superstars with effective aerial moves over the powerhouses, here’s a heads up on the guys with the highest ratings in these areas.

Four Superstars have their jump ratings maxed out in the game. These four men have actually been tag-team partners in the past. Pairing them together in WWE 2K14 will bring their high-flying tactics to your gaming experience.


Kofi Kingston

As far as in-ring brilliance goes, there are few Superstars who are on Kingston’s level. His acrobatics are a thing of legend. He’s especially amazing at the Royal Rumble where he routinely puts on a show avoiding elimination.

In WWE 2K14, Kingston has a 100 jump rating, 90 in speed and 95 in agility. He is perhaps the premier high flyer in the game.



As Kingston’s long-time tag partner, Truth is quite the athlete himself. His jumping splits, corkscrew axekick and jumping complete shot are performed with power and speed. 

He too has a 100 rating in jumping. He isn’t quite as fast as Kingston, though. Truth’s speed rating is just an 80, but his agility is a 95. You’d have to expect that considering all the gyrations he uses during his taunts. 

I wonder what Little Jimmy’s speed rating is.


Sin Cara

If he could ever stay healthy, Sin Cara might be able to get a push toward a title. Unfortunately, he’s always a bad landing away from being on the shelf for an extended period.

The folks at 2K Sports know how dynamic Sin Cara is. He is one of only two Superstars in the game who has a 100 rating in jumping, speed and agility. 

Luckily for gamers, there are no injuries to be concerned with.


Rey Mysterio

Who is the other Superstar with a 100 rating in all high-flying abilities? None other than Mr. 619. Mysterio’s in-ring career may be inching toward retirement, per Bobby Melok of WWE.com, but the memories of his aerial brilliance still linger in our minds.

The cool thing about wrestling games is that the ratings can be a reflection of the Superstar at the peak of his career. Mysterio’s ratings are an obvious example of that, but his humongous fanbase won’t complain.


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