Fox Sports 1 Announcer Flubs Field-Goal Call in Hilarious Manner

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He was so close.

We aren't talking about TCU kicker Jaden Oberkrom, who missed this field-goal attempt in Saturday's game against Texas, because he was way off. No, it was Fox Sports 1's Craig Bolerjack who was so close to getting the call correct.

Really, he could have flipped a coin and done as well as he did while actually watching the play.

Thanks are in order for Awful Announcing's Matt Yoder, who spotted this video of a tremendous and highly entertaining botched call.

We take you to the first quarter of a game the Horned Frogs would eventually lose to Texas, 30-7. With about 12 minutes to go in the quarter, Oberkrom is set to try his foot at a mammoth 54-yard attempt.

We don't fault the kid for eventually missing what would have been a remarkable kick. What we do wonder about is how things went awry in the booth.

First off, kudos to Bolerjack for infusing some drama where none exists. I know I was on the edge of my seat to watch a huge miss.

Apparently, Bolerjack was watching another game, because he is adamant that the kick is good, but only after a delay that seems to last a lifetime.

We can't confirm, but the announcer may have been watching the game feed via potato. Of course, this all leads to one of the season's best calls:

"He's got the foot. Got it! ... No."

To be fair, he did manage to get the call correct before the entire team left the field. With that, we agree with Yoder that the Internet now has a meme-worthy catchphrase to dub over history's close calls and humbling failures.

As for Oberkrom, you may have missed the kick, but you have a huge fan who absolutely believes in you up in the booth.

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