Ryback Takes to Twitter to Slam 'Fat' and 'Miserable' Fans

Joe JohnsonSenior Writer IIOctober 28, 2013


There have been rumors that Ryback has developed a bad reputation backstage. Heat on him has been reported by WrestlingInc.com, even going as far to say Vince McMahon himself has lost a lot of faith in his enigmatic powerhouse.

Some of what may have caused Ryback heat backstage could be surfacing on social media. Late this morning, Ryback took to Twitter with some strong words for WWE's fans that don't appear to be part of a storyline.

"Hey here is an idea. How about you guys find 3 things u enjoyed about HIAC and be happy. Being miserable sucks I get it ur fat, but just try" he posted on his account @Ryback22

Yes, Ryback is a heel. He is supposed to incite a negative reaction from fans, but these go beyond what you'd expect from a WWE heel these days. He is not attacking his opponent from Hell in a Cell, CM Punk. He's not targeting any authority figures or making excuses for his loss. He's making personal attacks against the WWE Universe, an action that certainly won't sit well with top WWE brass.

Ryback's professionalism was called into question during the initial reports of backstage heat. He is said to perform poorly at public appearance, not looking like he wants to be there with a general air of annoyance. One source was quoted as saying "the bloom is off the rose" when it comes to Ryback.

It appears the Punk feud with Paul Heyman has now finally run its course. If that's true, it's reasonable to presume that the Ryback alliance with Heyman is also in fact over after just a few shows.

Prior to aligning with Heyman, Ryback's character was drifting without direction. The pairing with Heyman had the potential to reawaken the monster that was at one time considered a potential main event player. Now, he could drift further into irrelevance.