5 Best BCS Scenarios for the SEC

Randy ChambersAnalyst IOctober 28, 2013

5 Best BCS Scenarios for the SEC

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    As we are more than halfway through the college football season, it's time to start looking ahead to BCS bowls. Not just any matchup that seems correct will do; all college football fans want the best possible game that keeps them entertained and intrigued.

    SEC teams usually hold down their end of the deal, but there are only a handful of possible candidates capable of keeping up under the bright lights. We want the storylines, the teams that score a lot and most importantly, the teams that aren't going to fold once the ball is kicked off.

    What are the best BCS bowl scenarios for the SEC?

Auburn vs. Clemson (BCS Sugar Bowl)

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    Auburn still has business to take care of in order to qualify for a BCS bowl, but hopefully for college football's sake the Tigers can make it happen.

    If you're anything like most college football fans, you love offense. A potential meeting between these two teams would sure keep the scorekeeper busy. Auburn is averaging more than 300 rushing yards and 37 points per game, and Clemson is being its usual self and averaging 37.4 points per game with an elite aerial attack.

    This game would remind you of a typical C-USA game, except there are actually elite athletes on the field.

    Auburn fans should also want a rematch of this game considering it has lost the last two recent meetings (2011, 2012) against Clemson. Both games were decided by two touchdowns or less and sure left a sick feeling in Auburn's stomach.

    This would be a highly entertaining game between two programs that continue to climb up college football's ladder.

South Carolina vs. UCF (BCS Sugar Bowl)

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    Rematch, anyone?

    It isn't very often teams that played each other during the regular season meet up in the postseason. And while BCS bowls take the selection process into consideration, there isn't a rule that prevents there being a rematch if it's juicy enough.

    South Carolina and UCF would fit the bill.

    The Knights took the Gamecocks down to the wire in a 28-25 South Carolina win. The game produced more than 900 combined yards, 43 first downs and physical hits from both defenses. The only problem is that there were eight combined turnovers, which really made the game sloppy and difficult for both teams to get into a rhythm.

    However, both of these squads play the same way. They rely on a power running and aggressive defense to bail them out. South Carolina running back Mike Davis and UCF's Storm Johnson are two running backs who are fun to watch and don't receive nearly enough credit. Connor Shaw and Blake Bortles also fly under the radar as far as quarterbacks are concerned.

    This matchup wouldn't be as hyped up as others, but it would certainly provide a quality football game. That's all you can ask for from a BCS bowl.

Texas A&M vs. Louisville (BCS Sugar Bowl)

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    This matchup would be money!

    Unfortunately, it would take a lot of footballs to bounce in the right direction to make it happen. As of right now, Auburn, South Carolina, Missouri and others look like a safer bet to reach a BCS bowl than a two-loss Texas A&M team. But we can dream, right? It's what the holidays are all about.

    Anyway, you couldn't find a better quarterback battle than Johnny Manziel and Teddy Bridgewater. Both are considered the cream of the crop and are getting tons of attention from NFL scouts. But let's leave the scouting to the professionals, we just want to see points!

    Manziel has proven he can score points in truckloads, and Bridgewater should have no problem carving up an Aggies' defense that couldn't stop a turtle from escaping the zoo.

    This shot-in-the-dark matchup would likely provide well over 100 combined points and more than 1,000 yards. That's how these two future NFL quarterbacks should end their collegiate careers. If the football gods are on our side, we'll have this game under our Christmas tree.

Alabama vs. Ohio State (BCS National Championship)

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    This meeting isn't nearly as intriguing as the next possible matchup, but you wouldn't have to twist my arm for me to tune in.

    It's almost impossible to find two programs as historic as Alabama and Ohio State. Remember how everybody was getting googly-eyed over two prestigious programs playing together in the big game when Notre Dame and Alabama met up? This potential contest would do pretty much the same thing, except you would see much fewer leprechauns.

    The coaching battle is also quite interesting. Urban Meyer and Nick Saban are without question the most successful coaches of this generation. They've both won at multiple schools and have the hardware to end any possible argument. There's also history between these two when Meyer was in the SEC, and those meetings provided a couple of great SEC Championship Games.

    You can't go wrong with two top-of-the-line programs and two iconic coaches playing a chess match across the field.

Alabama vs. Oregon (BCS National Championship)

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    Isn't this the game everybody is foaming at the mouth to see?

    Most people can agree that Alabama is still the top team in the country. Everyone is in love with Oregon's offense and thinks it is explosive enough to give one of the nation's top defenses a run for its money. This matchup is basically a clash between cultures. New school vs. old school.

    Alabama is the slow, physical team that still relies on a powerful running game and aggressive defense to win games. Your grandfather's style of football. Meanwhile, Oregon is the flashy team that wants to score as many points as possible and run triple the amount of plays that should be legal in a 60-minute game.

    But the real reason folks want to see this game is because many believe Oregon provides the best chance to end the SEC's national championship streak. The good news is that college football is on a crash course to making this meeting possible.

    Just don't screw it up!