WWE Survivor Series 2013: Full Card Predictions After Hell in a Cell

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterOctober 28, 2013

WWE Survivor Series 2013: Full Card Predictions After Hell in a Cell

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    WWE Hell in a Cell bleeds into Survivor Series 2013, new rivalries emerging from old ones and new challengers taking their places opposite champions.

    As T.S. Eliot wrote in Little Gidding, "to make an end is to make a beginning." That felt true after Daniel Bryan's loss against Randy Orton looked to be the next catalyst in his feud with Triple H.

    After a crammed pay-per-view schedule, WWE thankfully has a bit more breathing room between shows.

    That means the company has more time to build matches, tell its stories and answer the questions on fans' minds. 

    Which traditional tag team elimination matches will we see? Who will challenge for the WWE Championship and World Heavyweight Championship now that new champs carry both titles? Where does Bryan go after his recent failure?

The Wyatt Family and Kane vs. Cody Rhodes, Goldust, Miz and Kofi Kingston

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    Kane's return at Hell in a Cell at first looked to be him in search of revenge against the Wyatt Family, but then he inexplicably chokeslammed The Miz. Is he Bray Wyatt's latest follower?

    The Wyatts expanding their brotherhood to four makes it easy for WWE to book a traditional Survivor Series elimination tag team match here.

    Miz and Kofi Kingston's issues with the Wyatt Family make them ideal victims/rivals for that group of brutes. Cody Rhodes and Goldust may soon be in need of a new narrative.

    The tag champs retained their titles at Hell in a Cell, possibly ending their feud with The Shield. Erick Rowan, Luke Harper and Wyatt would make an intriguing set of foes.

AJ Lee vs. Aksana (Divas Championship)

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    At Hell in a Cell, AJ Lee kept her Divas Championship with another win over Brie Bella.

    WWE could choose to have Brie get another title shot, but three pay-per-views with the same bout seems unlikely here. There isn't enough momentum with their feud to justify going to that pairing once more. AJ needs a new challenger.

    Scanning the Divas division doesn't reveal a ton of other options, though.

    Natalya seems to be diving into a program with Summer Rae and it's too early to go back to Kaitlyn. Aksana has a real shot of being next in line.

    PWInsider, via WrestleZone.com, recently reported that WWE officials are high on her and believe that "she has something special." The Divas division's lack of depth could have that support translate into a title shot.

John Cena vs. Damien Sandow (World Heavyweight Championship)

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    John Cena won his third World Heavyweight Championship while Damien Sandow looked on from afar, awaiting the perfect moment to strike.

    Cena's recently repaired elbow makes him a target for Sandow to cash in on him between now and Survivor Series. A particularly brutal match or an ambush from one of his enemies will leave Cena vulnerable. Should Sandow turn his briefcase into a world title, expect Cena to demand a rematch.

    WWE can present a fresh rivalry for Cena's current reign and get a real look at what Sandow can do in the spotlight.

Los Matadores, Santino and Great Khali vs. Fandango, Real Americans, Zeb Colter

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    Los Matadores' rivalry with The Real Americans, Fandango's issues with The Great Khali and the need for pay-per-view filler give birth to this traditional Survivor Series elimination match.

    Fandango has spent much of his recent time battling Khali. WWE doesn't seem to know what else to do with the ballroom dancer. He could very well get lumped into a match heavy with comic-relief characters.

    Zeb Colter's anger over Los Matadores' immigration status and their mascot poking him with his horns is sure to have the leader of The Real Americans ready to fight for team and for country. This type of match won't ask too much of him either.

    This bout combines much of WWE's sillier elements in one place; a snake sock puppet, a little person dressed like a bull, a bullwhip-carrying xenophobe and a man more interested in dancing than wrestling.

Daniel Bryan vs. Triple H

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    On the Raw before Hell in a Cell, Triple H dismissed Daniel Bryan's challenge, saying that he was beneath him and not a big enough star to face him.

    That matchup is exactly where this story seems to be heading, though. Bryan has to be more angry with Triple H than Randy Orton. The COO laid out Bryan at SummerSlam, stripped him of the WWE Championship and has continually done everything he can to keep Bryan down.

    Bryan has to get some measure of revenge at some point and a victory over Triple H would be that and more.

    Perhaps Bryan puts his hands on Shawn Michaels in a segment on Raw or Bryan insults Stephanie McMahon to the point where Triple H is too angry to think straight and accepts Bryan's challenge.

    The joyous climax Bryan fans hoped for against Orton would be even more cathartic if it involved Triple H.

The Shield vs. Big Show, Big E. Langston and Dolph Ziggler

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    Rebels battle the symbols of Triple H's regime.

    Big E. Langston and Dean Ambrose seemed to kick off a feud when the United States titleholder walked out on their fight at Hell in a Cell. Langston could join his former ally Dolph Ziggler in trying to take down The Shield with the help of a giant.

    Big Show's issues with The Shield and the man controlling them go back for months. Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins will still be seething thinking about how Big Show cost them their tag team titles.

    This formation of The Shield's enemies would make for a refreshing matchup that would be especially entertaining if Big Show can earn back his spot on the roster with a win.

Randy Orton vs. CM Punk (WWE Championship)

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    With Paul Heyman punished atop the Hell in a Cell, it's time for CM Punk to move on.

    Randy Orton, fresh off becoming WWE champ once again, needs a new challenger. WWE would be crazy to do Orton vs. Bryan or Punk vs. Ryback again. A new rivalry between Superstars who have shown good chemistry together in the past is ideal for both men.

    In late September, F4WOnline, via WrestlingInc.com, reported that Punk was "scheduled to be a part of the WWE Title picture following the current feud with Paul Heyman and Ryback." 

    Now that Heyman is dispatched, Punk can now put aside his vendettas and focus on championships again. Orton needs a worthy rival, a marquee star like Punk to successfully kick off his newest title reign.

    Punk and Orton's feuds coming to a close at Hell in a Cell lead here to the genesis of a new one, two ends becoming a singular beginning.