WWE Hell in a Cell 2013: Biggest Takeaways from the Event

Sharon GlencrossContributor IOctober 28, 2013

WWE Hell in a Cell 2013: Biggest Takeaways from the Event

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    A lot happened at Hell in a Cell
    A lot happened at Hell in a Cellfrom WWE.com

    While it wasn't the best pay-per-view ever, WWE's Hell in a Cell event nonetheless provided numerous noteworthy moments and shocking revelations.

    Major stars returned, people turned, long-term feuds came to an end and a World title changed hands. If nothing else, the show gave you a great deal to talk about in its aftermath.

    It has changed WWE’s landscape considerably.

    So what crucial things can we take away from the events in Miami? Well, in order of importance to the overall product, let's have a look.

7. WWE Didn't Know How to Handle Rey Mysterio's Return

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    Rey is back!
    Rey is back!from WWE.com

    Former WWE champion Rey Mysterio made his long-awaited return to WWE programming tonight in the rather underwhelming role of a commentator at the Spanish Announcers' Table.

    While this isn't a bad role for the star to be in, it seems a bit of a waste. Even if he can't wrestle yet, couldn't WWE have booked him to come out and deliver a passionate promo hyping his in-ring return?

    Oh, well. On the bright side, at least Mysterio managed to go the whole night without getting injured again.  

6. Summer Rae Could Be a Great Wrestler

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    Summer Rae
    Summer Raefrom WWE.com

    No one could have been expecting much from Summer Rae as she partnered with Fandango to take on The Great Khali and Natalya in an unannounced tag bout at Hell in the Cell. The former model has mainly been used as a valet, and there have been no indications she was anything much in the ring.

    Refreshingly, Rae was very competent in her exchanges with Natalya. Her contributions to the bout were mercifully free of the botches that hinder Aksana or Rosa Mendes' performances. She's actually got a very good drop kick too.  

    Could the Divas Division have found itself a decent wrestler at long last?

5. The Jury Is Still out on Big E. Langston as a Babyface

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    Big E. Langston at WrestleMania
    Big E. Langston at WrestleManiafrom WWE.com

    Due to Curtis Axel's injury, the newly turned Big E. Langston ended up taking on United States champion Dean Ambrose at the event instead.

    Langston ended up winning their (rather patchy) match after a weak count-out finish that served to do no one any favors. While WWE clearly still have faith in the wrestler—he was protected here—its reluctance to go all the way with him and give him the belt could be a bad sign.

4. Ryback Is Probably out of the Main Event Scene for Good

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    Ryback wasn't smiling at Hell in a Cell
    Ryback wasn't smiling at Hell in a Cellfrom WWE.com

    Ryback lost—again—on pay-per-view when CM Punk soundly defeated him in their Hell in a Cell match (the “Voice of the Voiceless” also beat up Paul Heyman and gave him a GTS on the top of the cage afterwards for good measure.)

    The match itself was awful. Ryback hasn't improved as a wrestler, and Punk simply can't carry him to anything watchable. It was easily one of the worst Hell in a Cell matches ever.

    So, Ryback—whose credibility is surely in tatters after this latest performance—is right back at square one. Throw in reports from PWI (via WrestlingInc) that the star has massive heat with management right now over attitude and in-ring issues, and it's very hard to see how he can rebound any time soon.

3. Kane Is Back

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    Kane has returned, and he's crazier than ever
    Kane has returned, and he's crazier than ever

    Fresh from wrapping up filming for See No Evil 2, Kane made his return to WWE at the pay-per-view. And it seems the motivations of the “Big Red Machine” are as incomprehensible as ever. Shortly after running in to save The Miz from a beatdown at the hands of Luke Harper and Erick Rowan—this included giving Harper a laughably bad bodyslam—he turned around and brutally choke-slammed Miz.

    So what was the point of this? Is he a heel or face now? Does WWE even know?

2. John Cena Is Back on Top

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    John Cena, new champion
    John Cena, new championfrom wwe.com

    John Cena—the real face of the company—returned at the show and defeated Alberto Del Rio to win the World Heavyweight championship. The match itself was great, with Cena, in particular, looking tremendous in there.

    Curiously, Damien Sandow failed to rush in and cash his MITB title shot after the bell rang, meaning Cena left with the title.

    So Cena is back, and his push remains as strong as ever. Oh, come on. Were you ever in any doubt? This guy is going to be on top for as long as his body will allow it.

1. Daniel Bryan's Time as a Top Babyface May Be Coming to the End

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    Daniel Bryan did not have a good night at Hell in a Cell
    Daniel Bryan did not have a good night at Hell in a Cellfrom WWE.com

    At Hell in a Cell, special guest referee Shawn Michaels not-so-shockingly turned on his former student Daniel Bryan and cost him his WWE Title bout against Randy Orton.

    Make no mistake about it, this is a big setback for the former ROH wrestler.

    Not only has he been constantly berated on TV for being “a failure” and not someone cut out to be WWE champion by Triple H in recent weeks, the company has now confirmed those claims. He’s been shown to be someone the fans can’t invest in,

    The booking has sabotaged Bryan royally. It now seems questionable whether his career will ever recover from this.

    Oh, dear.