Daniel Bryan Must Face Triple H at Survivor Series

Daniel Van BoomAnalyst IIOctober 28, 2013

Courtesy of WWE.com

Survivor Series is one of the WWE's biggest pay-per-views of the year, and this year's show needs to be headlined by Daniel Bryan vs. Triple H.

The conclusion of Hell in a Cell's main event saw Randy Orton pinning Bryan following Sweet Chin Music from master, Shawn Michaels, to student. More importantly, we saw Bryan hit his explosive flying knee on Triple H.

Although the Hell in a Cell match was (hopefully) the culmination of the long feud between Bryan and Orton, it posed more questions than it answered. Why did Michaels screw Bryan? Where was Big Show? What was Triple H doing out there anyway?

All of these questions smell of the famous "last-minute changes" we so often hear about in the WWE. 

But regardless, one thing that is sure is that the company knew what they were doing when they had The American Dragon attack the COO. They were teasing us. 

Not so long ago The Big Show exhibited a similar outbreak of rebellion when he dramatically hit The Game with a knockout punch. We've also heard rumblings (PWInsider via SEScoops.com) that a Triple H vs. Big Show match has been in the works.

It just feels right
It just feels right

Simply put, that bout doesn't need to happen. At the very least, it doesn't need to happen nearly as much as Daniel Bryan vs. Triple H does.

We've already seen The Big Show and The King of Kings face off many times, and none of their rivalries were memorable enough to warrant revival, especially not over such a new and interesting matchup.

Not only would Bryan vs. Triple H be a fresher and more historically significant match, but it would be a much better one, too. The internet harbors a notorious hatred for The Game, but his in-ring skills are hard to dispute. Daniel Bryan is arguably the best full-time wrestler on the current roster and is certainly more exciting to watch in the ring than The World's Largest Athlete.

Just as importantly, having the COO and Bryan clash at Survivor Series just makes sense. We've seen Randy Orton vs. Daniel Bryan enough times this year, and we certainly don't need any more hokey finishes to WWE Championship matches. 

Bryan needs to move on from his feud with The Viper, and facing Triple H would allow him to keep his main event momentum. The Big Show has played a big part of the tyrannical Authority program, so have him face Orton for the title or in a five-on-five Survivor Series match; that way, he's still a big part of the show.

The ending to Hell in a Cell's WWE Championship was a little chaotic, but amid that chaos, the Daniel Bryan vs. Triple H teaser shone wonderfully, and it could be the beginning of something great.

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