The Mystery That Is Suicide

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The Mystery That Is Suicide

Who is Suicide?

No, I'm kidding guys. That's not what this is about. I have written this article because Suicide has taken TNA by storm, and is the complete center of the X-Division.

I enjoy watching Suicide, although I enjoyed watching Kaz more. My problem is that he is the only focus in the X-Division story line. Why is unmasking him the only thing that matters? Why is this a story line? Seriously.

TNA uses the Motor City Machine Guns, Lethal Consequences, and now I guess Christopher Daniels for this. Why would you put all of your top five contenders into one story with Suicide? I remember the MCMG and Lethal Consequences feud. I didn't hate it, and I'd rather have that than this whole thing.

Maybe I'm wrong, but I just don't like seeing some of TNA's best talent squeezed into one story. I think it's ridiculous. I mean I know that this kind of makes sense. A masked wrestler just dominates everyone and takes the X-Division title from Shelley. So naturally someone is wondering who this "crazy masked man" is.

Now Shelley, Sabin, Lethal, and Creed are on the same page to take of the mask. Why would you put these four men together against one force...well I guess two counting Daniels. They hated each other the last time around and now they're helping each other?

I know this was short, and maybe I've wasted some time. I apologize if you feel that way. I just want this to end. I'm tired of the "Who Is Suicide" angle already. I'm fine with having Suicide in TNA, but don't put one whole division in the storyline with him.

I'm just sayin'.

This has been a Bushboy Inc. Production

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