BCS Rankings 2013: Who's Too High, Too Low in Week 10 Standings?

Alex SimsCorrespondent IIIOctober 28, 2013

BCS Rankings 2013: Who's Too High, Too Low in Week 10 Standings?

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    The big news of the Week 10 BCS rankings was the displacement of Florida State by Oregon at No. 2 after the Ducks' crucial win over UCLA. 

    There was no change at No. 1 or No. 4, as Alabama and Ohio State both stayed cemented in their respective spots in the standings.

    Elsewhere, there was plenty of shakeup after losses by Missouri and Texas Tech. Several teams remained mashed together in the meat of the rankings, some undefeated, some with one loss and some with two, making for plenty of controversy in the middle.

    So in that mix-up in the median, who was disrespected and who was tabbed too high after the Week 10 BCS release?

    Note: All rankings based on official Week 10 BCS standings.

High: Stanford

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    Week 10 Ranking: No. 5

    Stanford is the only Top 10 team with a loss to a team that hasn't been ranked in the Top 25 at all this season. Stanford's loss to Utah was bad when it happened, and it looks even worse now after the Utes were beaten handily, 19-3, by a struggling and shorthanded USC team.

    Despite the Cardinal having arguably the worst loss of any one-loss team in the BCS, they are ranked higher than any other one-loss team. They are also inexcusably ahead of numerous undefeated teams at No. 5.

    While the Cardinal have four wins over teams that were ranked at the time, just one of those, No. 20 UCLA, made these BCS rankings.

    After a bye this weekend, Stanford's ranking will be put to the test next Thursday, Nov. 7 against No. 2 Oregon. 

Low: Baylor

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    Week 10 Ranking: No. 6

    Baylor's strength of schedule is hard to argue for. 

    In fact, the Bears don't really have a signature win yet this season. But rather than signature wins, BU leans on a signature style of play.

    Baylor has hit 69 points in five of its seven games and is the No. 1 scoring offense in the nation. The Bears have been strong defensively too, ranking sixth in the nation in scoring defense. They have outscored their foes by 336 points, 447-111.

    BU has looked like a Top Five team and has been rewarded as such in all of the major polls. However, the boys from Waco will have to wait until their Nov. 7 date with Oklahoma to prove that ranking to be true and gain some respect from the computers.

High: Miami (Fla.)

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    Week 10 Ranking: No. 7

    Miami is in the opposite position of Baylor. The Hurricanes are well liked by the computers but haven't passed the so-called "eye test."

    A Week 2 win over then-No. 12 Florida sent The U rocketing up in the polls and a weak schedule since then has carried it well into the Top 10. However, even through that weak slate, the 'Canes have been far from convincing.

    They needed a last-second touchdown to beat North Carolina 27-24 a week ago. The situation didn't improve the next week, as they had to come from behind to edge Wake Forest 24-21 at home.

    While Miami looks all neat and tidy at 7-0, the combined record of its opponents is 20-34. The 'Canes will be in for a major shock when they take on No. 3 Florida State this week.

Low: Auburn

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    Week 10 Ranking: No. 11

    It may be hard to believe, but an SEC team was hurt by its position in the polls. Normally, fans and pundits cry foul when SEC teams are favored by the pollsters, but the opposite is true for Auburn.

    The Tigers have a higher computer average, .730, than four of the five teams ranked ahead of them. However, they rank No. 11 in the Harris and USA Today coaches polls. Sometimes the computers are all wrong, but they're right on target here.

    AU has a quality home win over Ole Miss and an outstanding road win over No. 12 Texas A&M. Its only loss came on the road against No. 13 LSU in one of the toughest venues in college football.

    There is still plenty of time for the Tigers to earn their respect. They'll take on Arkansas, Tennessee and Georgia before facing Alabama in a holy-grail Iron Bowl game to close out the regular season. That game could be played for the SEC West title.

High: Louisville

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    Week 10 Ranking: No. 19

    While the polls are dragging Auburn down, they are keeping Louisville alive.

    The Cardinals are only ranked in the Top 25 by one of the six BCS computers. The Billingsley Report has them at No. 17.

    However, the coaches have the Cards at No. 17 and the Harris poll tabbed them at No. 16.

    UL has just one loss to No. 23 UCF. While that loss isn't bad, the Cards don't have a single quality win to boost their resume. They are still essentially riding their exorbitant Top 10 preseason ranking like a washed-up child star living off of his Disney money.

    The Cardinals are a decent team and could compete with many teams in the back half of the Top 25, but as high as they are ranked, they shouldn't be higher than the team that beat them.

Low: UCF

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    Week 10 Ranking: No. 23

    Does the Loch Ness Monster exist? Why are my taxes so high? Why is UCF behind Louisville in the BCS? These are three of life's mysteries, all likely to never be answered.

    UCF has a pair of quality road wins over Penn State and Louisville. The Knights also have just one loss, a three-point defeat at the hands of No. 14 South Carolina. 

    By comparison, Missouri also has just one loss to the Gamecocks and is ranked No. 9. Meanwhile, teams like Stanford, Oklahoma State and Michigan all have losses to teams that are nowhere to be found in the BCS rankings and are ranked well ahead of UCF.

    The Knights are looking like a shoo-in for the American Athletic Conference title thanks to their solid defense and balanced offense. Still, they are somehow looking up at a team they beat in the BCS rankings.