NBA 2K14: Dr. J's Addition Hints Legends Will Be Available for Next-Gen

Brian MaziqueCorrespondent IIIOctober 27, 2013

image from Ronnie Singh's Twitter

One of the questions about NBA 2K14 on next-generation consoles was seemingly answered on Saturday. To the delight of nostalgic NBA gamers, community manager Ronnie Singh tweeted this.

Legends have been a part of the overall NBA 2K package for the last four versions of the game—including the current-generation of NBA 2K14.

That said, there was no guarantee or indication that the stars of yesteryear would be included in the next-gen version of the game until Saturday.

Julius Erving, aka Dr. J had been part of the list of legends that was available in NBA 2K13, but the Doctor was not playable for the retail version of NBA 2K14 when it released for Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC. 

Per Singh, Dr. J won't just be available to gamers on current-gen, he'll also be available for next-gen gamers on launch day. Though Dr. J was the only legend mentioned in Singh's tweet, it stands to reason he won't be the only one.

Obviously, 2K Sports still has an agreement with Michael Jordan because he was part of the current-gen campaign. It would be strange if Jordan and Erving were the only legends included. While this announcement gives fans something to be excited about, it also raises a few questions.

What modes will gamers be able use Dr. J in?

This follow-up tweet from Singh makes specific reference to My Team.

Does this mean he's restricted to that mode? Fans can only hope Dr. J—and any other included legends—would be playable in exhibition and in My GM. 

One discouraging thought to consider is this. The developers at 2K Sports went to great lengths to scan in the heads of nearly every NBA player. That simply wouldn't be possible as it pertains to many of the legends in the game, thus the renders may not be as accurate for players from the past.

Those renders could be frowned upon by the establishment because they wouldn't be as accurate as the ones for the contemporary players. It is hard to tell for sure. More information should be on the way soon.

Stay tuned for more details on this and other news on the series. There's only 19 more days until the launch of NBA 2K14 on Playstation 4 and 26 days for the release on Xbox One.


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