BCS Rankings 2013: Which Teams Got Screwed in Week 10 Standings?

Brian Pedersen@realBJPFeatured ColumnistOctober 28, 2013

BCS Rankings 2013: Which Teams Got Screwed in Week 10 Standings?

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    The latest iteration of the BCS standings for the 2013 college football season are out, and while the movement wasn't major, it was enough to spark plenty of debate over who got snubbed and who is where they belong.

    In case you haven't seen them, here's how the Week 10 standings panned out:

    1. Alabama
    2. Oregon
    3. Florida State
    4. Ohio State
    5. Stanford
    6. Baylor
    7. Miami (Fla.)
    8. Clemson
    9. Missouri
    10. Oklahoma
    11. Auburn
    12. Texas A&M
    13. LSU
    14. South Carolina
    15. Texas Tech
    16. Fresno State
    17. Northern Illinois
    18. Oklahoma State
    19. Louisville
    20. UCLA
    21. Michigan
    22. Michigan State
    23. Central Florida
    24. Wisconsin
    25. Notre Dame

    There will never be a consensus on who is deserving of bowl game invitations, no matter what format is used to choose the teams, but a handful of schools in this latest set of rankings got the shaft. They either fell too much, didn't move up enough or didn't move up at all.

    Click through the slideshow to see which teams were dissed.

Florida State Seminoles

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    Great win on Saturday, Seminoles. That 49-17 home win over North Carolina State was quite impressive, especially in how you romped to a 35-0 lead before anyone could blink.

    So impressive that you fell in the rankings.

    Say what?

    FSU (7-0, 5-0 ACC) dropped from second to third in the BCS standings, a fall that was projected by most experts after the Seminoles debuted as No. 2 in the initial rankings a week ago.

    But despite such expectation, actually seeing the fall has to be a bitter pill for FSU fans. The numbers explain the drop, though, as no matter how much FSU had beaten NC State by, it still wouldn't have held as much weight on a BCS scale as Oregon's 28-point win over UCLA.

    Simply put: Beating UCLA (which was previously 12th in the BCS and is now No. 20) by 28 points is worth more that a 32-point win over a team with a losing record.

    While FSU gained some value from the human polls, it dropped out of first in three of the four computer rankings that had Florida State at No. 1 after Week 9. The Seminoles also fell from second to fourth in another rating, all indicative of their decreased strength of schedule.

Baylor Bears

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    What's a ridiculously prolific scoring team that also has a pretty darn good defense gotta do to get some BCS love around here?

    Despite yet another high-scoring, runaway victory, Baylor (7-0, 4-0 Big 12) was only able to move up from eighth to sixth in the latest BCS rankings. While the Bears benefited from Missouri losing for the first time and leapfrogged fellow unbeaten Miami, they still find themselves behind a one-loss team in Stanford.

    Baylor is rated between seventh and 12th in the computer polls, an improvement over Week 9 (ninth-15th), but still not enough to warrant getting placed ahead of a Stanford team whose loss is looking worse and worse now that Utah—which beat Stanford, 27-21, on Oct. 12—has dropped its last two games.

    Like FSU's dilemma, the Bears' plight is rooted solely in their schedule. Baylor's six FBS opponents are a combined 19-37, with its "best" foe to this point being a Buffalo squad that's 6-2, but has played nearly as lightweight a schedule.

    Cheer up, Baylor fans. The rest of the schedule is so tough that, assuming every game results in a win, it will be almost impossible for the Bears not to keep improving in the standings—with the emphasis on "assuming every game results in a win."

Texas Tech Red Raiders

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    The loss at Oklahoma was painful enough for Texas Tech and its passionate fanbase. Seeing how far that loss dropped the Red Raiders in the BCS standings was like stabbing someone that's suffering from a shotgun wound.

    Texas Tech's eight-point defeat dropped it from 10th to 15th, moving the Red Raiders (7-1, 4-1 Big 12) from being the lowest-rated unbeaten from an automatic qualifier conference to one that sits behind five SEC teams—yes, five.

    Two of those team—LSU and Texas A&M—already have two losses and both won games at home against far weaker competition than what Tech had to face on the road. LSU beat Furman, for crying out loud.

    Texas Tech's drop was a result of an already low-regarded resume, combined with the fact that human voters tend to drop most teams after they lose for the first time.

    Missouri, however, only dropped an average of three spots in the Harris and USA Today polls, despite losing at home, while Texas Tech dropped an average of 4.5 spots for getting beat on the road.

    Sure, that makes sense.

UCLA Bruins

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    Every year, most conferences end up having one team or two that gets stuck with a stretch of schedule so daunting it's almost unfair. Ask the bottom feeders of the SEC about that and they'll talk your ear off.

    In the Pac-12 Conference, that 1-2 gauntlet involved having to play powers Stanford and Oregon on back-to-back weeks. It caused Washington's season to go into the toilet, and now that UCLA (5-2, 2-2 Pac-12) has lost to the Cardinal and Ducks in consecutive weeks (both on the road, to boot), its BCS hopes have been dashed.

    The Bruins fell from 12th to 20th in the latest BCS rankings, meaning their only legitimate shot to make a BCS bowl is to win the Pac-12 South and then find a way to win a rematch with Stanford or Oregon. Again, that game would be on the road since the Pac-12 doesn't have a neutral site title game.

    Dropping in the rankings was expected after a second straight loss, but eight spots? It's almost like the voters and computer programs didn't take into account the strength of the teams that those losses came against.

UCF Knights

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    As the team that took down presumptive American Athletic Conference favorite Louisville, Central Florida is the odds-on favorite to win the AAC and get its lame duck automatic bid before the conference gets demoted to the so-called Group of Five non-power conferences next year.

    The Golden Knights (6-1, 3-0 AAC) were 23rd in the first BCS standings, but it was expected they would rise on a weekly basis as the system worked itself out to try and make the AAC's qualifier not look as bad as a No. 23 rating would indicate.

    So where is UCF this week? Hmm...23rd.

    Granted, there were no teams within striking distance above UCF that lost over the weekend other than Virginia Tech (which understandably plummeted out of the rankings after losing at home to Duke). But UCF cruised to a 62-17 win, the most points it had scored against an FBS team in 15 years, yet stayed behind idle Michigan in the standings.

    Central Florida also got passed by Michigan State, which admittedly had its own impressive win, a 42-3 road victory at Illinois.

    Still, to see UCF so low in the rankings despite having won at Louisville and lost by three at home to South Carolina (both of whom are ahead of the Knights in the rankings) has to be upsetting down in Orlando.

Minnesota Golden Gophers

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    Do not adjust your computer, tablet or mobile phone screen. You didn't somehow skip over Minnesota when looking at the latest BCS rankings.

    That's because the Golden Gophers weren't in them.

    The oversight was despite another impressive win by the Gophers, who beat Nebraska on Saturday a week after taking down Northwestern on the road.

    Instead of Minnesota (6-2, 2-2 Big Ten) replacing Nebraska near the bottom of the latest BCS standings, that arbitrary low-ranked spot went to fellow Big Ten foe Wisconsin—which didn't play in Week 9.

    Wisconsin likely slipped in by virtue of ranking systems—both human and digital—that often just moves up teams willy-nilly as other teams fall. It's possible those ratings had Wisconsin 26th or 27th last week, and with teams falling out of the Top 25, their spots needed to be filled.

    Minnesota should have been moved up instead, by virtue of its latest win. Maybe it will have to wait for its Nov. 23 visit from Wisconsin to get into the rankings.