Metta World Peace Goes Back to the Future with 2013-14 Game Shoes

Dan FavaleFeatured ColumnistOctober 27, 2013

Via Twitter.

Metta World Peace's in-game sneakers are, well, sneakers.

There's not much else you can say about the kicks he plans to wear in 2013-14, per ESPN's Darren Rovell:

Everything we've seen from World Peace in the past—like changing his name in the first place—suggests that his footwear of choice would be more interesting.

Plain black? No, no, no. There should be pink. And yellow. And lightning bolts. They should make growling noises when he runs and crack knock-knock jokes when he's idle. There should just be something more.

Alas, World Peace is growing up on us. Or becoming a little less eccentric, a little more practical. As he says, these things are "so comfortable":

If comfy shoes are your game, it seems you're in luck. You can apparently sign up on his website to potentially receive a pair of his game-worn sneakers. 

Think of all the possibilities.

You could dress up as a referee with shiny black shoes (next) Halloween. Weekend bar crawls can be done in shiny black shoes. Your Sunday's best could now include (you guessed it) shiny black shoes.

Who are we to pass on the opportunity to don comfortably gleaming footwear? Especially when those shoes have been worn by World Peace himself?

Putrid-smelling insoles aside, we can't rule out that each pair comes with its very own set of magical powers. Think The Red Sneakers meets Space Jam meets Thunderstruck.

Upon acquisition, you could be defending like a rock star. Dropping obscure soundbites like it's hot. Signing your own shoe deal that includes the design of penny loafers far more satiny-looking than these things.

Wearing World Peace's shoes opens a world of possibilities, so maybe they're not so "plain" after all.