WWE Hell in a Cell 2013: Full Predictions for Every Match on PPV Card

The Doctor Chris MuellerFeatured ColumnistOctober 27, 2013

WWE Hell in a Cell 2013: Full Predictions for Every Match on PPV Card

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    R-Truth, on the poster but not the PPV card
    R-Truth, on the poster but not the PPV cardWWE.com

    Hell in a Cell is one of the pay-per-views that could be really hit or miss. There are a few big matches, and there are a lot of ways to get things wrong.

    Here is a look at the card as it currently stands.

    • Big E. Langston vs. Curtis Axel (Intercontinental Championship)
    • Los Matadores vs. The Real Americans
    • AJ Lee vs. Brie Bella (Divas Championship)
    • The Shield vs. The Usos vs. The Rhodes Brothers(Tag Team Championships)
    • CM Punk vs. Ryback and Paul Heyman (Hell in a Cell)
    • John Cena vs. Alberto Del Rio (World Heavyweight Championship)
    • Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton w/ Shawn Michaels as special guest referee (WWE Championship, Hell in a Cell)

    There are also a few possible additions WWE could make to the card if they have enough time. Miz vs. Bray Wyatt is a definite possibility and Dean Ambrose could always find himself defending his US title.

    This slideshow will look at each match and attempt to make accurate predictions for the winners.

Big E. Langston vs. Curtis Axel (IC Title Match)

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    Big E. Langston is finally getting the push he deserves, and a title win would really help the powerhouse gain some notoriety in WWE.

    Axel has been a lackluster champion at best. He doesn't defend the title enough because he is too busy losing to CM Punk for Paul Heyman.

    Langston as champion makes sense, and Langston walking out of Hell in a Cell as champion seems likely.

    Predicted Winner: Big E. Langston

The Real Americans vs. Los Matadores

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    Los Matadores are still in the midst of their debut push, so The Real Americans winning seems like a slim possibility at this point.

    Cesaro hitting the Big Swing on both Matadores at the same time would be enough to satisfy me for this match, because I just don't see this match lasting very long.

    Predicted Winners: Los Matadores

AJ Lee vs. Brie Bells (Divas Title Match)

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    This match is a toss up. Both women seem like they could easily walk out of Hell in a Cell as Divas Champion for numerous reasons.

    AJ has been a great champion. Her character is intriguing, and she always gives it her all in every match she participates in.

    Brie has improved a lot recently, and her increased exposure from Total Divas may lead WWE to put the title on her in an attempt to draw attention to the division.

    Nikki and Tamina will probably be at ringside, so anything can happen when it comes to interference from either one of them.

    I want AJ to win, but I think Brie is due.

    Predicted Winner: Brie Bella

Rhodes Brothers vs. The Usos vs. The Shield (Tag Team Title Match)

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    This is another match where anyone could be believable winners, but Goldust and Cody Rhodes will probably leave with their title reign intact.

    The Usos were thrown into this feud because WWE had to find a way to give them their title shot, but they are an exciting team that the fans seem to like, so WWE might throw the titles on them to see how they do as champions.

    The Shield might regain the titles and make it so the whole group consists of champions again. But the Rhodes brothers only just won the titles a few weeks ago, and losing them right away would do little to help their feud with The Shield in any way.

    I would be fine with anyone winning, but Cody and Goldust are my picks.

    Predicted Winners: Cody Rhodes and Goldust

CM Punk vs. Ryback and Paul Heyman (Hell in a Cell Match)

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    This needs to be the last match in this feud. Punk has been going back and forth with Heyman for months, and ending the feud inside a cell would cap it off nicely.

    A win would help Ryback way more than Punk, but Punk is the guy who should come out on top. He should finally get to give Heyman the beating he has wanted to give him for months, and then move on.

    Punk is great in the big stipulation matches because he always goes all out, so this match will probably exceed the HIAC match from last year.

    Predicted Winner: CM Punk

John Cena vs. Alberto Del Rio (World Title Match)

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    WWE waited all the way until the PPV to bring John Cena back, and losing cleanly to Alberto Del Rio is not something I see happening.

    This match does have several possible outcomes, though.

    Del Rio could always retain by getting disqualified or counted out, or we could see Ricardo Rodriguez return to help Del Rio and reform their partnership.

    John Cena could win the title, or we could see Damien Sandow come out and cash in on whoever is champion after the bell rings.

    But John Cena's triumphant return seems like it will lead to a title run, and the WWE title is already in the center of a major feud.

    Predicted Winner: John Cena

Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton (WWE Title Hell in a Cell Match)

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    I have always held to the theory that whoever wins the final encounter before a PPV match is likely to walk away from the PPV with a loss.

    With that said, Daniel Bryan winning the WWE title doesn't seem very likely. Randy Orton and Triple H are too dedicated to keeping Bryan away from the title.

    The possibility of interference from Triple H or Big Show is high, even with there being a cell around the ring, so we could see either man win, but Orton is the one who seems most likely.

    Predicted Winner: Randy Orton

    What are your Hell in a Cell predictions?


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