Csonked! The Birth Of a Phinatic

George KaspriskeContributor IMay 24, 2009

My earliest football memory is of the 1974 Super Bowl, which also spawned the creation of a lifelong die hard Dolphins fan.

I was just seven years old and visiting relatives in Washington D.C. at the time. Naturally, they were all Redskins fans but they adopted the Dolphins that day to support me. I think the game was on in three different rooms in the house, but I had one TV set all to myself.

Every time the Dolphins did something well, especially if it was my favorite player Larry Csonka, I would run to the other room and announce it to the family. They just humored me and cheered me on, having of course already seen the play in their room. I can recall No. 39 just plowing through Minnesota defenders all day. I don't think there has been another NFL fullback like him.

Ironically, that game was also the last championship the Dolphins won. I have been a passionate fan ever since, but never dreamed they wouldn't win another title since.