Will Nick Saban Retire at Alabama?

Scott CarasikContributor IIOctober 26, 2013

Nick Saban did nothing but create a winner.
Nick Saban did nothing but create a winner.

Head coach Nick Saban and Alabama football belong together until Saban decides he wants to retire. And in the end, they will be together until Saban decides that he wants to do nothing more with his football coaching career and retires.

This may sound crazy with overtures coming for Saban from everyone under the sun who needs a new head coach. Prestigious programs like Texas or Southern California would be smart to send "offers that he couldn't refuse" his way, but Saban sounds like he's happy at his fourth stop as a college football head coach.

He started out in Toledo, and worked his way up the chain to Michigan State. Once he left there, he went to LSU. After leading LSU to one national title, he's enjoying his time in Tuscaloosa after a failed tenure in the NFL with the Dolphins. Then again, winning three national titles in four seasons will do that.

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And when looking at Coach Saban's resume, what is there left to accomplish?

He's coached four national and SEC champions and won nine national coach of the year awards. His overall record as a head coach is 166-55-1. He's the best head coach Alabama has had since Bear Bryant retired in 1982.

So when asked if he wanted to stay head coach until he retired, it's no shock that he had the following response:

Now, this may have been a tongue-in-cheek response to a tongue-in-cheek sign, but there's always a lot of truth in people's jokes. And honestly, he would be wise to stick around in arguably the best college football coaching situation.

A situation he created.

He also needs to take into account his family and friends around him. Does it make sense for him to leave at this point? Would there even be a point in leaving unless he wanted an unneeded challenge?

Andrew Gribble of AL.com quoted Saban in relation to a possible move:

"I know Miss Terry likes it here. The fans and the whole Alabama community has really embraced us from the first day we came here. We appreciate that," Saban said. "I know we have lots of challenges in the future. We're certainly up for those challenges.

"I'm not really at the stage of my career where I'm looking for some other big sort of challenge. We've got enough challenges right here to try to work with the players we recruited and try to continue to have a successful program for their personal, academic and athletic success."

And also this gem:

"I love it here," he said. "I'm too damn old to go some place else and start all over, I can tell you that."

So everything points to Coach Saban never wanting to leave. And that's the right move. He needs to be Alabama's own Joe Paterno or Bobby Bowden and not leave until he's retired. It'd be the right call for him, and it'd be the right call for the program.

Plus, as he puts it, he's "too damn old" to start over again.


All stats used are either from ESPN or CFBStats. All recruiting rankings come from 247Sports.com.

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