Is The WWE Just Another Stepping Stone For Some SuperStars?

Kyle GrahamContributor IMay 24, 2009

Good bye, WWE. Get my Hollywood Star ready!

Several wrestlers over the last couple of years started to star in movies. These wrestlers include: Triple H, John Cena, Hulk Hogan, Kane, Goldberg, and most famously (and successfully) The Rock.

I'm here to ask is if the WWE just another stepping stone for these superstars. What I'm saying is: Is the WWE just something they to get their careers going, then convert to movie stars?

John Cena has just released his new film "12 Rounds" which seems to be your typical action film starring a typical massive hench man, John Cena. The Rock " Dwayne Johnson" used to just make action films while still in the WWE, were as now he is a well known celebrity starring in all different television shows and films.

My question to you people is: Is the WWE just a stepping stone to bigger fame?