Power Ranking Most Likely Finishes for Big Show at Hell in a Cell

Alfred Konuwa@@ThisIsNastyFeatured ColumnistOctober 26, 2013

Power Ranking Most Likely Finishes for Big Show at Hell in a Cell

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    Raw signed off this past week with Big Show assisting Daniel Bryan in "yes" chants.  Big Show has been just as involved in WWE's top storyline as any of its components. 

    With Show currently "fired" per WWE storylines and not booked at Hell in a Cell, he figures to be involved in the match finish. 

    Another Big Show heel turn is always likely.  This was the case last time Show was fake fired by John Laurinaitis and needed to get his job back. 

    Given that the match is taking place in a cell, perhaps the giant could be featured in an impressive spot where he destroys the cell. 

    WWE has a lot of pressure to deliver on pay-per-view following two lackluster offerings that led to fan outrage.  Big Show's involvement in a news-making finish could be their solution. 

    Likely finishes are graded based on believability and how they would advance the current storyline going forward. 

5. Big Show Destroys Cage, Forces Non-Finish

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    Would WWE have the audacity to continue the theme of non-finishes?  Big Show will not be able to be involved in the finish unless he makes his way into the cage, and this would only be done by destroying it. 

    If, in fact, Vince McMahon is behind Big Show's serial trespassing, WWE could go with the idea that Vince doesn't want Daniel Bryan or Randy Orton to be champion. 

    Instead, Big Show would be clearing the way for another face of the WWE to be named later.  The visual of Big Show taking apart the Hell in a Cell alone would certainly be pay-per-view caliber. 

    Unfortunately, WWE doesn't need the blizzard of negative press that would come out of a third consecutive match that failed to legitimately crown a champion.  If Big Show is involved in Sunday's finish, a new champion will be crowned. 

4. Big Show Accidentally Costs Daniel Bryan World Heavyweight Championship

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    One of the worst scenarios for Bryan-Orton III, especially in the case of Daniel Bryan, would be for Big Show to accidentally cost Bryan the world championship. 

    This would likely lead to a feud between Show and Bryan, which would certainly knock Bryan down a few pegs.

    Big Show accidentally punching out Daniel Bryan through the cage, thus costing him the match, could also lead to a triple threat match down the line.

    With Daniel Bryan in now or never territory, shenanigans of this nature could hurt him long term. 

3. Vince McMahon Returns, Announces Big Show as Third Participant

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    WWE's current main event could very well turn into a triple threat match.  Big Show has gotten over on The Authority more than Daniel Bryan has and somehow has more momentum than either of the actual participants in the match. 

    Show is being booked as if he were the favorite to win the world heavyweight championship on Sunday. 

    Big Show being added to the Hell in a Cell would need to be explained competently to the pay-per-view audience.  This can be done through the return of Vince McMahon, who would be looking to stop The Authority in fear that they may overtake him for control of the WWE. 

    This reveal would not play well with the fans.  Daniel Bryan is the overwhelming fan favorite in this situation, regardless of Big Show's current surge. 

    But the inclusion of the Big Show in the main event seems likely only because of how strongly he has been booked as of late.


2. Big Show Turns Heel, Helps Randy Orton Win Championship

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    A Big Show heel turn is always likely, as the world's largest athlete has spent a career vacillating from hero to villain. 

    Show has been a tad too chummy on television, indicating he may be setting up to turn on Daniel Bryan.  A heel turn would make sense as it would lead to him once again becoming a member of the active roster. 

    In order for The Authority to represent The Corporation of the attitude era, it needs more members.  Big Show, and possibly Shawn Michaels, would be two additions that would make this storyline interesting again. 


1. Big Show Fends off Authority, Helps Daniel Bryan Win Title

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    The Authority is just as likely to be involved in the finish as Big Show.  Sure the cell is designed to eliminate outside interference, but the Hell in a Cell match is not foreign to run-ins.  

    The Authority could flex its muscles, with either Triple H or Stephanie ordering that the cage door be opened prior to inserting themselves into the match. 

    As has been the case on television, Big Show could serve as the great equalizer who assists Daniel Bryan in finally winning the WWE championship. 

    This could lead to a Big Show-Orton feud, which would be made more interesting with the potential return of Vince McMahon as Big Show's accomplice.