UFC Fight Night 30 Results: Post-Fight Stock Report

Nathan McCarter@McCarterNFeatured ColumnistOctober 26, 2013

UFC Fight Night 30 Results: Post-Fight Stock Report

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    UFC Fight Night 30 came to you on a Saturday afternoon, and the 12-fight card delivered a wealth of action.

    Lyoto Machida destroyed No. 5-ranked middleweight Mark Munoz in the main event. The fight lasted only 3:10, but it was enough for Machida to show his absolute dominance over his good friend and training partner. Now the UFC has a lot of decision making to do in the middleweight division.

    The event had its positives and negatives, but ultimately it was a solid Fight Night card. Several ranked fighters filled out the card, and others made their case for bigger fights in their next outings with impressive performances.

    Manchester is now in the past, and the UFC turns to their next Fight for the Troops card next.

    Let's take a look at the post-fight stock report following the latest offering from the UFC.

Stock Up: Cole Miller

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    Cole Miller picked up a win to get him back in the W column by taking a unanimous decision over Andy Ogle. Miller looked good in the early two rounds, and that was enough to seal the deal.

    It wasn't Miller's biggest win, but his post-fight speech is what increased his stock.

    Instead of the standard post-fight script that many fighters follow, Miller turned heel in England. He mentioned that other European fighters failed to dethrone him. He even called out Dennis Siver and Conor McGregor by calling him "McGoober."

    It is nice to see fighters use their mic time to do something rather than the same old song and dance. Good on Miller, and let's hope he gets the McGregor fight.

Stock Up: Jessica Andrade

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    Photo Credit: Dave Mandel/Sherdog.com

    Jessica Andrade was unsuccessful in her UFC debut against Liz Carmouche, but she put on a quality showing. Against Rosi Sexton, someone more her size, she was able to showcase her development.

    Andrade battered Sexton for 15 minutes. The fight could have been stopped several times, but the beating simply continued.

    The fight showed Andrade's athletic, power and speed advantage more so than her actual technical development. However, there is no question that she is constantly developing as a fighter at only 22 years of age.

    Her next fight should be more anticipated and show more of her development as a fighter. Andrade possesses a nice skill set and will be a tough out for most in the division.

Stock Down: Fighter Safety

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    Rosi Sexton was allowed to take a beating for far too long, and this comes on the heels of Junior dos Santos getting bludgeoned by Cain Velasquez at UFC 166.

    Referees, ringside physicians and fighters' corners need to have more caution with fighter safety. It is good to give fighters a chance to go out on their own accord, but at some point there is a time to step in and save them from themselves.

    The towel should have been thrown in for both Sexton and Dos Santos.

    Perhaps there will be more of an emphasis with fighter safety going forward. One can hope.

Stock Down: UFC Pre-Fight Show

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    I'm not sure how many watched the pre-fight show on Fox Sports 2, but you were better served streaming the preliminary bouts or watching college football.

    Not every fight card deserves a pre-fight show.

    At times it seemed like they struggled to fill the hour. The hour could have been better served by showing the preliminary fights that were being streamed. It just wasn't a strong watch.

    Jay Glazer, Daniel Cormier and Dominick Cruz surely had better things to do at 11 a.m. local time.

Stock Down: John Lineker

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    John Lineker won the fight in impressive fashion, but this fight marked the third time in five fights he missed weight. That is highly unprofessional and not deserving of a spot on the UFC roster.

    Fighters have been cut for less and the UFC has given him plenty of chances. Three strikes and he should be out.

    After the weigh-in it was reported on the UFC weigh-in show on Fox Sports 2 that they would seek out the help of Mike Dolce. That is a nice thought and something they should do, but too little, too late. The UFC should cut Lineker and force him to prove that he can make weight before returning to the UFC.

    It would serve as a good statement for any fighters who can't make weight in the future. Lineker shouldn't be rewarded for his unprofessionalism.

Stock Down: Mark Munoz

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    Mark Munoz was defeated violently at UFC Fight Night 30, and it likely ends his quest for a championship.

    Lyoto Machida laced body kicks in to his midsection early, and with his feints it was clear that a head kick attempt was coming. Machida got Munoz to lower his hands just enough to throw the kick and hit his target. The fight was over.

    Munoz is still an exciting fighter, but at 35 years old his clock is winding down quickly.

    Regardless of how his fighting career ends up Munoz will be a big factor in the sport moving forward. He is an excellent coach, and his trove of fighters at Reign Training Center continues to grow more impressive by the day.

Stock Up: Lyoto Machida

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    Lyoto Machida made a significant statement in his middleweight debut.

    The Dragon made quick and easy work of the No. 5-ranked fighter in Munoz. It is the kind of performance that will make him leapfrog numerous fighters in the division. He could find himself in the mix for a title shot already.

    There are many other contenders waiting in the wings, but Machida's marketability and history as a top-tier fighter will put him above most. And depending on how UFC 168 shakes out he could be one of the more interesting fights for current champion Chris Weidman.

    That is all in the future. What we know in the present is that Machida looked phenomenal in his middleweight debut. We'll see him in the top five of the division when rankings come out this week.