NBA: Remember, It's "Most Valuable Player," Not "Best Player"

Danny DevineCorrespondent IApril 17, 2008

2008 NBA awards:


·         Chris Paul

·         Kobe Bryant

·         Amare Stoudemire

·         Dirk Nowitzki

·         Lebron James

Reason for Paul is that he make’s everyone better. He made Tyson Chandler good; witch in all honesty is very hard to do. Kobe could get it, but I have a good reason why I didn’t pick him. Kobe is GREAT, but he jacks up 30-35 shots a night and doesn’t shot that well all the time. Best player in the NBA takes second one more time. REMEMBER ITS MOST VALUABLE NOT THE BEST PLAYER!

Rookie of the Year

·         Kevin Durant SEA

·         Al Horford ATL

·         Al Thornton LAC

·         Luis Scola HOU

Hard to pick between the top 2 were so good. This is how I picked Kevin Durant. Would Seattle have any wins if Durant wasn’t there? I couldn’t tell myself they would so I had to go with him. He’s a solid scorer, good rebounder, and average passer. All those traits will improve over his young career.

Defense player of the Year

·         Marcus Camby

He wins this in a land slide. Just imagine how many points the nuggets give up with out his there; SCARY HUH!

Coach of the Year

·         Byron Scott

·         Rick Adelman

·         Eddie Jordan

·         Nate Mcmillan

·         Doc Rivers

Scott’s team was predicted to finish way under were they did. He is a great coach and is a good man. 20 plus wins in a row should get you some love right? Eddie Jordan was without his two best players for most of the season and they really had a good year. There are huge sleepers in the east to. Rivers best record should get you in top 5 some where.

Sixth Man

·         Leandro Barbosa-

He is a true 6thman. He doesn’t play 85 % of the time like other do. Manu Ginobili is who I am talking people. He plays WAY more then the starter Mike Finley.

Most improved

·         Hedo Turkoglu

·         Ruby Gay

Easiest one of all; Hedo is a savior to Orlando. He made that team a 50 win team. He also plays all positions on the court besides center.

Thee were many great games any plays from this season in the NBA. I can’t wait to watch the playoffs. GO SUNS!!!