Ric Flair Returns To The WWE Once Again

Kyle GrahamContributor IMay 24, 2009

When I say Ric Flair you probably think a blonde haired legend of the WWE industry but lately I have lost respect for him. Last month he yet again returned to the WWE, maybe this time it's time to hang up the boots.

I know he had the "Retirement" match with HBK which means he is not eligible to wrestle, but why does he have to keep coming back. Can't he just leave on high and leave it at that.

Flair, who recently turned 60 in February, made a suprising appearance at the pay-per-view "Judgment Day", aiding Batista against Legacy. Since returning to WWE, he has taken more of a coach role than any wrestling participation.

Rumour has it that Flair asked Vince for a return to the WWE, if Vince said no then Flair would go the press and make a amazing scandal that no one would care about.

My opinion is that Flair was a great and talented wrestler in his time and now it's time for him to gracefully leave and stay away form the WWE, or to take backstage role.

Thank you I've been Kyle Graham.

Good night San Diego.