Former High School Kicker Invictus Igwe Nails 40-Yard Field Goal, Wins $20,000

Dan Carson@@DrCarson73Trending Lead WriterOctober 25, 2013

He lost his shoe. He made the field goal. His name is Invictus.

These are three awesome facts from a promotional halftime field goal that occurred last Friday at Simi Valley High School. 

The Royal High Highlanders beat the Pioneers 50-49 in a double-overtime gut-checker, but the craziest moment of the night belonged to Invictus Igwe, a fan chosen from the stands at halftime to try a 40-yard field goal for cash or prizes.

What exactly was on the line? $20,000 in cash or a 2014 Chevy Camaro.  

Igwe, a former high school kicker, had prior experience knocking in field goals, but seven years had passed since he had taken cuts at the uprights. 

He would get his shot, however, as he was chosen at random from the crowd after texting into a promotional fan phone line. 

Igwe sat down with Fox & Friends and told them his story and what it felt like to capitalize on such a big and serendipitous opportunity.

Igwe recounted being nervous as he walked out onto the field. Things changed, however, once he approached the tee.

“The walk was the most terrifying part,” he told Fox & Friends. “Once I got in front of the tee I remembered everything from high school. So I was actually very calm.”

While Igwe’s blood was ice cold for the kick, his kicking shoe didn’t have half the composure. The former kicker’s right shoe whipped off his foot as he followed through the ball, sailing away into the air.

Fortunately for him, the ball still went through the uprights, lost shoe and all.

As for the prize, Igwe decided to take the cash and plans to use it to pay off credit card debt and buy some stock. The rest, he says, he’s giving to his mother.

"I owe her that much," he said.

Great guy. Great name. Invictus Igwe, everyone—the shoeless former kicker who comes through in the clutch.


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