Notre Dame's Cam McDaniel Used Photogenic Face to Make Ladies of 'Today' Swoon

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterOctober 25, 2013

Cam McDaniel lost his helmet long enough to give us his version of Blue Steel, and the entire world is now smitten—at least the ladies from NBC's Today show certainly are. 

A tip of the hat to College Spun for spotting the one video that proves there is a living to be had in becoming an Internet meme. At the very least, getting your mug splashed all over the Internet means a likely awkward guest spot on a morning talk show. 

For those uninitiated, McDaniel is a junior running back for the Fighting Irish and managed to get his helmet ripped off during last Saturday's 14-10 win over USC. 

While he carried the ball 18 times for 92 yards, his biggest number on the day was one—one glorious meme.

Here is but a sample:


(Image credit: Bleacher Report)

That chiseled jaw, winning smirk, arms made for hugs and...sorry, lost my concentration for a spell. 

It's as if The Most Interesting Man in the World had a kid and he decided to play football for Notre Dame.

McDaniel was generally fawned over for the duration of his segment on the morning show. It all serves to prove how ridiculous an age we live in.

A simple picture in the right light can make you a star and cause football fans to pause long enough to come up with their best and most witty captions. 

For you ladies in the audience, McDaniel is taken, and he made sure to emphasize that matter as his fiancée stood just off camera. 

The Fighting Irish take on Air Force next. We assume his helmet will mysteriously go missing minutes before the game. 


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