Pay-Per-View Previews: TNA Sacrifice '09

Ali Mashraf@ IMay 24, 2009

TNA Sacrifice is an upcoming pro wrestling pay-per-view event produced by TNA which will take place tonight at the Impact Zone in Orlando, Fla. This is the fifth event under Sacrifice chronology.

Seven wrestling matches are scheduled in the event's card. Let's go to the previews of those matches:


Match 1: Christopher Daniels vs. Suicide (c) for the TNA X Division Title

It looks like as though Daniels goes back to older times to take "his" X division title. Suicide on the other hand, has been a very good champion and has enter ained the crowd well.

Last week, Daniels saved Suicide when Lethal Consequences and Motor City Machine guns were about to open Suicide's mask and show the crowd that it was actually Daniels under the mask. But when Daniels came, everone's suspicions were clear.

This match is a kind of thrown in but the crowd will enjoy their athletic moves very much.

My prediction: Lethal Consequences and MCMG beat both of these guys as the match rolls into double disqualification.


Match 2: Daffney w/ Abyss vs. Taylor Wilde in a Monster's Ball match

Suddenly, Daffney has turned heel and now she is blaming Wilde for the loss of her hair she suffered from the Beautiful People. Last week, Daffney attacked Wilde in a restaurant and told her that Wilde would be her first victim.

But why did they throw Abyss in between these two women? And is it right for TNA  to get women jumbled up in Hardcore matches?

This match will degrade the quality of the show but it will be a bloody battle as weapons will be provided..

My prediction: Daffney wins after Abyss slams Wilde on a pile of thumbtacks!!


Match 3: "Big Sexy" Kevin Nash vs. Samoa Joe

Joe wants Nash as the first victim of the Nation of Violence. But in recent weeks, there are rumours that somebody is behind the strange, haunted behaviour of Samoa Joe. And, when will Joe end his "Nation of Violence" gimmick?

Nash has told it clearly that at Sacrifice there will of course be violence but all of them will affect Samoa Joe.

On the other hand, Joe wants to punish Nash severely as Nash was one of the chief persons responsible for breaking his arm last year.

Will Joe inflict punishment on Nash or will Big Sexy get away with a hard-fought victory?

My prediction: Joe wins but before attacking Nash, Steiner makes the save.


Match 4: Angelina Love(c) vs Awesome Kong for the TNA Women's Knockout Title

This will be a nightmare for Love as she will have to face Kong one on one with nobody of her Beautiful People to help. Since losing the Knockouts Title to Love, Kong has turned her eyes on Mi Pi Sexy and has injured three of its four members.

First off, it was Madison Rayne who was pulled into the stretcher after two 'Awesome bombs" and a spine buster. Next, it was Velvet Sky to go. Kong delivered five implant bombs on her and a spine buster to roll her up on the stretcher.

Last week, it was the returning Cute Kip who was rolled up on the stretcher after a violent annihilation of Kong.

Love has no other choice but to face Kong in this match for her title and she has no backup for herself.

So, will Love be able to escape the wrath of Kong, or will Kong get her Knockouts Title easily from Love?

My prediction: Love wins by disqualification after Kong attacks her viciously even after the request from the referee.

Match 5: AJ Styles (c) vs. Booker T for the TNA Legends title

AJ Styles had won the Legends title off Booker T at Destination X and since then, these two had an intense rivalry. On the April 30, edition of Impact, it was declared that they would face off for the title in an "I Quit" match.

Booker T had brought the Legends title to TNA and since then he had been boasting for it. But AJ has clearly told him that its time enought to make the young guys Legends for the company.

These two will want to kill each other tonight and make the other quit in order to win the Legends Championship.

My prediction: Booker T wins the Legends title again.


Match 6: Finals of the Team 3D Invitational Tag team Tournament

Beer Money Inc. vs The British Invasion

Team 3D has announced a check of $100,000, a trophy and a future World Tag team Title shot for the winners of their Invitational Tag team Tournament.

Beer Money and The British Invasion have reached the finals.

Since losing the tag titles to Team 3D, Beer Money has desperately wanted to gain revenge. And, they can get the chance by winning the finals of the tournament. Team 3D said that Beer Money has made them great and Beer Money will be the best Tag team of the world in near future.

On the other hand, Brutus Magnus and Doug Williams are quite new as a team although Williams has the experience of wrestling in tag team combats and has wrestled James Storm on numerous occasions.

So, will Beer Money get their wish and get a chance to wrestle Team 3D for the tag titles or will the British Invasion invade the tag team division of TNA?

My prediction: Beer Money wins the trophy.


Main Event: Mick Foley (c) vs. Kurt Angle vs. Sting vs .Jeff Jarrett for the TNA World Heavyweight title in a Four-Way Ultimate Sacrifice match.

After Mick Foley won the TNA World title from Sting at Lockdown, Jeff Jarrett announced that Foley would defend the title in a Four way Ultimate Sacrifice match.

The rules are if anyone loses the match, he has to sacrifice what he had promised earlier and the winner, no matter whoever he defeats, wins the title.

The first participant was Mick Foley, who promised that he would wager his World title. The second competitor was Kurt Angle, who would wage his leadership of the Main Event Mafia.

The third participant was Sting who got the place after pinning Mick Foley in a 10 Men War between Main Event Mafia and TNA Frontline. Sting later said that if he lost the match, he would retire from wrestling forever.

The last participant was Jeff Jarrett, who later declared that his wager would be the voting shares within the company, thus putting up his authority.

This match will be very interesting to the crowd, as the person who is pinned will have to sacrifice what he had promised earlier.

My prediction: Sting pins Foley for the title.

So readers, hope you have enjoyed the read and be sure to watch Sacrifice, at least the Main Event...


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