Krzysztof Soszynski's Rise in the UFC Light Heavyweight Division

Nate LawsonCorrespondent IMay 24, 2009

There were many performances that stood out at UFC 98. Whether it was Frank Edgar or Lyoto Machida, fans were thrilled to avoid a repeat of UFC 97.

However, there is one similar between the two events. Each featured the dangerous Krzysztof Soszynski.

Soszynski shined at UFC 97, gaining a fight bonus for Submission of the Night with his kimura against Brian Stann. However, we saw a very different "Polish Experiment" at UFC 98.

Soszynski had come out victorious in his last three fights with the use of his favorite submission, the kimura. However, last night he decided a knockout was in order.

Facing the dangerous ground game of Andre Gusmau, Soszynski decided to mix it up and remained on his feet. He seemed to be have some success on the feet, along with looking extremely comfortable.

Before that thought had completed its course through my mind, Soszynski simply destroyed Gusmau with a devastating knockout blow.

Soszynski may not be the biggest name in the light heavyweight division, but he is climbing up the ranks at a ferocious pace.

Soszynski showed in the past that he had an excellent submission game. Now he has displayed what he can do on his feet. This guy is showing the versatility needed to compete in the UFC.

"The Polish Experient" is turning heads and making believers. With the pace he has set for himself, Soszynski may be rising to the top of the light heavyweight division faster than anyone could have imagined.