Dana White, You Ass, Was I Just Asked To Twitter During My Sacred Time?

Jason JohnsonContributor IMay 24, 2009

MANCHESTER, UNITED KINGDOM - APRIL 21: The card girls wait to enter the octagon during the Ultimate Fighting Championship at the Manchester Evening News Arena on April 21, 2007 in Manchester, England. (Photo by Gary M. Prior/Getty Images).

Hell no, you just didn't. I can't believe this.

I was just asked to "twitter", on two occasions while in full battle mode.

In my opinion, Dana, you just marred the sanctity of this event. NO, I do NOT want to do what Ashton Kutcher does,  I want to see someone get beaten, injured, comatosed; I do not want to "twitter". 

I am not a "twitterer!" Don't you ever do that to me again.