Breaking Down 5-Star CB Tony Brown's Highlight Tape

Edwin WeathersbyAnalyst IOctober 25, 2013

Breaking Down 5-Star CB Tony Brown's Highlight Tape

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    Tony Brown is one of the best high school football players in the country. The Texas native is a 5-star cornerback and also happens to be an elite hurdler.

    At 6'0" and 188 pounds, Brown has exceptional athleticism and instincts. He possesses the strength to reroute receivers in press-man coverage, plus he displays loose hips to be effective in off-man alignments. Brown also has the range and awareness to be great in zone schemes.

    With his fantastic skill set, Brown's highlight tape is impressive and warrants a more in-depth look.

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Play No. 1 0:00-0:08

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    The opening play of Brown's highlight tape appears to be a clip of him playing receiver in a seven-on-seven setting. Although he's a defensive back prospect, Brown does show impressive athleticism, body control and ball skills on this play.

    Those traits come in handy when attempting to make plays in the secondary.

Play No. 2 0:09-0:16

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    On this play, Brown is aligned in the middle of the field as a safety. He shows off his willingness to support the run by lowering his shoulder to challenge the running back. Filling the alley quicker and closer to the line of scrimmage would be ideal, but it's nice to see Brown display some physicality.

Play No. 3 0:17-0:22

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    Brown exhibits outstanding versatility and shows why it is felt he can be a nickel defender in sub-packages or a rover.

    He aligns on the edges of the box, immediately attacks the backfield and uses his short-area quickness to explode to the ball.

    Although he can cover in the secondary, it's plays like this that show why Brown can play on all three levels of a defense.

Play No. 4 0:23-0:33

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    Brown was late filling the alley on the second play of this tape, but he makes up for it here. He appears to be playing safety again, as he attacks from the middle of the field. 

    He squeezes the line of scrimmage from the seams after showing good read-and-react ability.

    Brown also displays great vision and ball-location skills on this play, evidenced by finding the ball in traffic. He flashes good short-area quickness, plus he does an adequate job of wrapping up at the point of attack.

Play No. 5 0:34-0:43

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    It would have been nice to see Brown attack the line of scrimmage on this play, but his actual assignment is unknown.

    However, he does display great range in pursuit. Brown's decision to lead with his shoulder instead of wrap-tackling when arriving at the ball pays off, as he forces a fumble.

    It's clear he will have no issues being physical at the point of attack in college.

Play No. 6 0:44-0:54

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    Although the pass is completed in front of him, Brown's terrific quickness out of transition helps him on this play.

    He also shows a knack for taking proper angles to the football.

    Watch how clean his break is on the ball, plus notice how quickly he gets to the opposing player. Most players would drive directly to the ball, but Brown shoots flat to stay on top.

    Taking this correct angle, albeit a small detail, proves to be the difference in making a touchdown-saving tackle.

Play No. 7 0:55-0:59

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    This incredible play may be Brown's best on the tape.

    Again in the seams, he instinctively recognizes a running play. Brown then explodes to fill the alley, displaying terrific speed and quickness. 

    He makes a 5-star play here, as he once again displays why he has the potential to be an All-American safety in college.

Video on the Odds on Where Tony Brown Will Go

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    Here is a new video constructed by Bleacher Report's Full Ride video series. It talks about which schools have the best odds to sign the 5-star defensive back. 

    The clip also shows more footage of Brown displaying his wonderful athletic ability, plus it gives fans a look at his hairstyle.

2014 Bleacher Report College Football Recruiting Heat Map

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    Brown can also be located by using the 2014 Bleacher Report College Football Recruiting Heat Map! This is a mobile-ready tool that features the nation's best recruits!

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