Why Zeb Colter and the Real Americans Would Work as a Babyface Team

The Doctor Chris Mueller@@BR_DoctorFeatured ColumnistOctober 25, 2013


The Real Americans is a heel team made up of two of the WWE's most gifted athletes and a true legend of the wrestling business as a manager, but with Antonio Cesaro getting great reactions from the crowd during the Cesaro Swing, it might make sense to take a stab at turning the group babyface.

There are plenty of reasons why they could work as a babyface team, and there is a really easy way to turn them babyface and keep the patriotic aspect of their characters.

The Turn

Zeb Colter delivers most of his promos with a heavy focus on immigrants in the United States, and that is something WWE could use to their advantage when turning the group.

Jack Swagger and Antonio Cesaro could face The Shield or The Wyatt Family, lose and then have Zeb Colter the focus of the post-match attack.

Before any serious damage can occur, WWE could send out Los Matadores to make the save. Once Colter sees he has been saved by the very people he thought hated him, he might see things in a new light.

Colter, Swagger and Cesaro could start preaching a new tune that gets them positive responses from the crowds, and it would give them a new set of teams to face in matches.

Lately, it seems like The Real Americans have been facing The Prime Time Players and The Usos over and over. Putting them in fresh matches could help the tag team division remain interesting and appear more competitive.

We Could Use a New Patriotic Character

Sgt. Slaughter, Hulk Hogan, Jim Duggan, Lex Luger, The Patriot and many other Superstars who were big in the '80s and '90s used patriotism as a big part of their babyface characters.

Hogan, Slaughter and Duggan are especially synonymous with patriotism in wrestling due to Slaughter's military character, Hogan's "Real Americans" entrance music and the USA chants Jim Duggan gets from the crowd are why we all associate them with patriotism.

WWE hasn't had a really patriotic babyface in quite some time, and citizens of the United States could really use a patriotic character right now to remind us all what it means to be an American.

John Cena and a few others have incorporated patriotism into their character, but it is not the staple of their gimmick. The Real Americans rely on it to sell their gimmick.

The tragic events of 9/11 brought out a new sense of patriotism in this country, but two wars, government shutdowns, the debate over abortion, the debate over same-sex marriage, immigration laws and the fights over gun control have created a divide between us and our neighbors.

But none of that matters when you're watching Raw or SmackDown. Wrestling fans are made up of literally every kind of person you could imagine.

Having three characters who personify patriotism could give WWE a boost if they are presented in the right way. After all, supporting the country is always viewed as a positive thing.

Those "We the people" chants could really catch on if the team turned face, and Americans everywhere could be proud of two amazing talents and a legend of wrestling represent their country in the ring.

Swagger and Cesaro Have Never Been Babyfaces

Cesaro hasn't been in WWE for a very long time, but Swagger has been around for several years. He debuted back when WWE was trying to use the ECW brand for their mid-week show.

Neither one of them has worked in WWE as a babyface, and it's about time they gave it a shot.

Swagger has won the WWE United States Championship, the ECW Championship and the World Championship. Cesaro has won one WWE United States Championship.

Colter has generally been known as a heel throughout his WWE runs, but he is entertaining enough to pull off a babyface character if he has the right material.

All their success came as heels, and they are still heels today. Everyone should be tested as both a heel and a babyface before they are even considered for a top spot in WWE, and this is the right time to try out Swagger, Cesaro and Colter as babyfaces.

Swagger and Cesaro Have The Right Skills To Be Babyfaces

Wrestlers who can really wrestle will always get positive reactions from a certain set of fans, and having the fans already behind Cesaro's impressive Cesaro Swing would lead to even bigger responses.

Colter can be entertaining, and as a babyface manager, he might finally get his team to the titles.

Swagger is an accomplished amateur wrestler who has had a decent WWE career, and Cesaro has the indy pedigree and unique move set to appeal to all kinds of fans.

With that kind of talent, WWE could have a fan favorite tag team on their hands.


Patriotic babyfaces haven't been prominent in WWE for awhile, and now might be the perfect time to turn The Real Americans babyface and fill that void.

Swagger and Cesaro have built up great chemistry in the ring, and with Colter on the mic, they could take the whole division over.

I once wrote an article criticizing the pairing of Cesaor with Swagger and Colter, but they have won me over in recent weeks.

Antonio Cesaro is always amazing crowds with his impressive feats of strength. Combine that with Swagger's power and mat wrestling ability and you have a great combination.

What do you think? Would The Real Americans make a good babyface team?

Thanks for reading, and follow me on Twitter @BR_Doctor.


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