WWE Releases Plot Details for Season 2 of Total Divas

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WWE Releases Plot Details for Season 2 of Total Divas
New episodes of Total Divas are on the way (from WWE.com).

WWE and E! sent out a joint press statement earlier today revealing details for the upcoming season of wrestling-based reality show Total Divas.

TVByTheNumbers notes that the  show will be returning for a new six-episode run on Sunday, November 10 at 10 p.m. ET.

Plot points and storylines are also mentioned, with Nikki Bella and Eva Marie's rivalry looking to be one of the focal points:

The series picks up with Eva Marie causing more drama amongst the Divas, when she lands a spot in WWE’s SummerSlam event. She pushes Nikki Bella too far when she fuels the rumor that she will become John Cena’s (Nikki’s boyfriend) personal valet. Meanwhile, Ariane’s anger issues begin to affect her relationships with her family, boyfriend and co-workers and Trinity accidentally humiliates Nattie in front of millions of fans days before the biggest match of her career. Later in the season, E! cameras capture WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan’s surprise proposal to Brie Bella.

Oh, that Eva Marie. She's so despicable, isn't she?

Amusingly, per a recent report from Bryan Alvarez (via WrestleZone), Eva Marie is so good at playing a catty, manipulative up-and-comer that, despite the widespread knowledge that Total Divas is largely scripted, many in WWE despise her based solely on her performance in the show. Yes, even people who haven't met the poor girl already have it in for her.

Stephanie breaks it to Eva Marie that we all know that's not her natural hair color (from WWE.com).

To be honest, I've never personally seen much in the former model, but if she's able to garner that strong of a reaction from people, maybe she really does have potential as a heel character.

So, how can we expect this new batch of Total Divas episodes to do?

Well, it's difficult to say, but its chances don't look too good.

Nikki and Brie attempt to win WWE's "Most Absurd Hats" competition (from WWE.com)

Thanks to a strong lead-in from ratings juggernaut Keeping Up With The Kardashians, the show did start out with very impressive ratings when it debuted in July, as Diva Dirt notes.

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Regrettably, toward the end of its run, its numbers fell drastically, which many attributed to the the lack of a Kardashian lead-in and tough competition from the NFL. (The first episode of this new season will be boosted by the series finale of Keeping Up With The Kardashianswhich will air before it, but the show will have to cope on its own in the five weeks after that.)

Can Total Divas be revived in its second season? Or has this idea simply run its course?  

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