Metta World Peace to Star in Movie with Marc Maron and Screech

Dan CarsonTrending Lead WriterOctober 24, 2013

Image via @TrailersandClipsImage
Image via @TrailersandClipsImage

Yup, that’s a real headline about an actual movie being made.

Eric Freeman of Yahoo! Sports is reporting that Metta World Peace will be starring in All Wifed Out—a bachelor-centric film that appears to be an even raunchier, rowdier version of The Hangover.

The film also features comedian Marc Maron and Dustin Diamond—whom you probably remember as “Screech” from Saved By the Bell and/or his foray into the adult film industry (hopefully just the former).

As you’ll see from this NSFW preview of All Wifed Out, Metta World Peace is confused, and Diamond has plumped considerably since his days at Bayside High.

Warning video contains NSFW language and content.

There it is, men. A movie about your girlfriend asking you to move in together, which is certainly the end of the world. 

She’s all up in your space, you have to make eye contact with another person and it’s just a hassle. Those are the evils of living with your significant other, according to Fabrizio “Fat Jew” Goldstein, who also stars in the film. That’s his actual nickname, by the way. 

While guys celebrating their buddy’s last night of still not being married is a ridiculous premise, it’s a perfect gig for Metta. The newly-minted New York Knick has developed a strong passion for comedy, and this film seems like the kind of project that will drive him toward his ideal audience. 

Also, don’t be surprised if this film has some laugh-out-loud moments. Marc Maron is a talented veteran comedian, and if he’s had any hand in the writing of jokes for this movie, there will be laughs.

The movie is slated for a regional release in New York and California on November 15, and will be available on iTunes and OnDemand.


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