Omir-Acle for the Mets: Santos' Homer in the Ninth Pushes New York Past Boston

Nick Carlo@@carlo2612Analyst IIMay 24, 2009

Whew! My adrenaline is pumping! What a game—a possible World Series preview with so much hype. The Saturday night game in Boston definitely lived up to that hype in a 3-2 Mets victory thanks to a two-run home run by Omir Santos in the top of the ninth inning.

An amazing pitching matchup between Josh Beckett and Mike Pelfrey. Both pitchers really turned it on. They both made very few mistakes. Both gave up their only runs in the game in the first. An unearned run for Beckett in the first to give the Mets a 1-0 lead early, and Pelfrey gave up two on an RBI single from Kevin Youkilis. 

The score of 2-1 stayed for a long time; both pitchers turned it on after the first inning and looked unhittable. It was becoming a great pitching duel and it looked like each pitcher's first inning troubles would decide their team's fate.

Both pitchers were pitching great enough to go for a complete game, but that hardly ever happens anymore—too bad for Red Sox fans. Beckett pitched eight masterful innings, and it looked like he had it in the bag.

One of the best closers in the game, Jonathan Papelbon, came in to shut the door. He was 11-for-11 in save opportunities. Going for his 12th, he walked Gary Sheffield to start the inning but struck out both David Wright and Jeremy Reed to follow the leadoff pass. 

The Mets were one out away from losing a tough one. Santos, a backup catcher, stepped to the plate in one of the most important spots in the Mets' young season. Earlier in the year, Santos his first major league homer in Citi Field, and it was a grand slam. 

Though Santos is a guy that doesn't have much power and was up against Papelbon, who looked to be untouchable, the pitch came and Santos launched it; he knew it was gone and was yelling in joy down the first base line and halfway down the second base line until the umps signaled it was a double. 

I leaped up from my bed pissed knowing it was a home run. Their was mixed reactions in the stands, the Mets' fans said it was a homer, while the Red Sox fans thought differently.

Mets' manager Jerry Manuel made his way out to the diamond and asked the umps for a replay. After a crazy heart-racing few minutes, the umps ruled it a home run. It was the longest home run trot in Mets history for Omir Santos.

Their was a few minutes of cheering and clapping, but Mets fans knew "It's not over till it's over." Just ask both 1986 Mets nd Red Sox teams. J.J. Putz was in the bullpen for the Mets to close it out...yea, Putz. 

Many fans were asking "Where's K-Rod?"  As I just found out, thanks to the Mets' postgame on SNY, K-Rod had severe back spasms and couldn't even walk—yet another injury for the Mets.  Let's hope K-Rod's alright and could bounce back and maybe pitch on Monday against the Washington Nationals.

Anyway, Putz came in and was throwing hard, but the Red Sox didn't care, they were hitting it harder.  Thanks to some astonishing plays by, David Wright, Luis Castillo, and Ramon Martinez.  And not to mention, Dan Murphy's great pickup from Ramon Martinez's great play to end the game.

David Wright also saved a double off the bat from Jason Bay, that would have put runners on second and third for the Sox with no outs.  Wright, playing close to the line, dove for it and made a tough throw to second that was off target, but Luis Castillo got full extension and mad a great play to get the lead runner out.

Ramon Martinez also capped off his defensive bounce back night that had plenty of great plays, and the biggest one was the last out for the game.  A diving play and the throw to Murphy at first to put an end to it.  Ramon, we forgive you.

It was Omir-Acle for the Mets, and they now sit, only a half game back in the NL East.  Tomorrow the Mets will get a chance to retake possession of first place in the NL East.  That's about it, and "Let's Go Mets!"  It can't get any better than this. Once again, Mets win it 3-2 to win their second straight.