Harry Redknapp Trolled on #AskHarry Hashtag in QPR Twitter Event

Mark PattersonUK Staff WriterOctober 24, 2013

QPROfficial on Twitter
QPROfficial on Twitter

Having a question and answer session with a football personality is a tried-and-tested formula on Twitter, but Queens Park Rangers' efforts to get manager Harry Redknapp on board have attracted more than a few questions that Redknapp won't like the look of.

In a move that definitely won't end in tears, Harry Redknapp is doing a Twitter Q&A today using the hashtag #AskHarry

— Telegraph Sport (@TelegraphSport) October 24, 2013

I was going to troll the #AskHarry hashtag but I see thousands of others got there first. Good work folks.

— Neil Sherwin (@neilsherwin) October 24, 2013

Plenty of people using the #AskHarry hashtag turned their attention instead to his 2012 court case on tax evasion (he was cleared, but a thorough summing up of the trial's details can be found courtesy of Paul Hayward in the Daily Telegraph).

That was only one strand of a series of questions that the QPR official posing questions to Redknapp will probably leave well alone. 

Here are a selection of the best questions:

I've had this photo of you for a while now, any chance you can sign it for me? #AskHarry pic.twitter.com/dgdyPqgR7M

— Darren Berry AFC (@DBerry1974) October 24, 2013

#AskHarry are you doing this out of you car window?

— Ho1spur (@1_Hotspur) October 24, 2013

Why do people find 'Miranda' funny? #AskHarry

— MirrorFootball (@MirrorFootball) October 24, 2013

#AskHarry My dog isn't getting a good rate of interest with his bank account Can you recommend a better one more suited to his canine needs

— Dave The Horse (@zoolander1978) October 24, 2013

Know any good accountants? #askharry

— Nick S (@StapleNick) October 24, 2013

#AskHarry Did your Dog write your Autobiography?

— Dan Tracey (@dantracey1983) October 24, 2013

How come you've never taught Jamie the definition of 'literally'? #AskHarry

— Kerry Lenihan (@kerrylynn21) October 24, 2013

As you can see above, it's probably just as well that 'Arry himself isn't looking at the screen.