Cricketer's WAG Caught in Awkward Moment During a Match

Mark PattersonUK Staff WriterOctober 24, 2013

A one-day game between Queensland and Victoria in Australia was punctuated by a clip of a player's rumored girlfriend making some embarrassing "movements."

Rumored boyfriend Chris Lynn was fielding and on a microphone link to the commentary box. Pointing out other half Yvonne Sampson in the crowd, the cameras pan her way, and catch her making some...unusual gestures.

--Update 11:00 UK, October 24--

There appears to be some debate about whether Lynn and Sampson are boyfriend and girlfriend—The Australian makes no mention of it, while other sources such as Deadspin claim the two are together. We have left the rest of the report on the assumption that they are, given the TV footage.


It's explained away as Sampson talking about football—until it becomes apparent that it's definitely not what she's talking about.

Sure @GrillTeam I'd like the whole thing to disappear but be warned, the story is not as titillating as it looks!

— Yvonne Sampson (@yvonnesampson) October 24, 2013

It might have been understandable if Yvonne was not schooled to the ways of the television cameras, but she is in fact a presenter for Channel Nine in Australia.

Sampsonnow on holiday in Italy, according to The Australianhas subsequently spoken of her embarrassment and offered up an explanation for what the cameras saw:

I was telling the story of how we were throwing mini Christmas trees in the studio one time when a cameraman was caught thrusting away on one.

This is embarrassing.

There's certainly no arguing with the latter part of that statement, but she did her best to make light of it, tweeting Lynn to pretend they weren't in fact dating to seemingly spare him a little embarrassment:

Hey @lynny50 we've never met but now half the world thinks we're dating. Sorry.

— Yvonne Sampson (@yvonnesampson) October 23, 2013

Whether you believe her or not is up to you, but frankly if "she's talking footy" doesn't become a euphemism, then we'll be very, very disappointed.