3 Reasons Why Sir Alex Ferguson Is Completely Wrong About Steven Gerrard

Scott Burns@@scottb86Featured ColumnistOctober 24, 2013

3 Reasons Why Sir Alex Ferguson Is Completely Wrong About Steven Gerrard

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    With extracts from Sir Alex Ferguson's autobiography being revealed by the media on what seems like an hourly basis, his comments on Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard may raise an eyebrow or two.

    Reports by Jeremy Wilson of the Telegraph state that the former Manchester United manager believes Gerrard not to be a "top top player" and is inferior to the likes of Roy Keane and Paul Scholes.

    Revealed in the same article are Ferguson's claims that when playing for Liverpool against a United side featuring both Keane and Scholes, Gerrard was largely ineffective.

    Whether Ferguson, even in his retirement, is looking for a rise from those with Liverpool allegiances or is simply ignorant of the facts makes one wonder.

    January 2002, the venue is Old Trafford and there is five minutes left of a tense encounter between United and Liverpool. Guess who steps up and delivers a quite magnificent pass that opens up the United defence before being put in the back of the net by Danny Murphy?

    Yes, you guessed it, Steven Gerrard.

    Were Keane and Scholes in the starting lineup that day? You bet they were.

    One year on at the Millennium Stadium and it's Liverpool versus United in the final of the League Cup. Gerrard opens the scoring with a truly wonderful long-range effort and Liverpool win 2-0.

    No prizes for guessing which two players were in the United starting lineup.

    Despite being of the opinion than Gerrard is not all that great, reports by James Dickenson of the Express reveal that Ferguson tried to sign the midfielder in 2005 when his future with the Reds was in doubt.

    Revelations that make Ferguson's claims lack any real credibility.

    Football is obviously a game of opinions, but on this occasion the feeling is that Ferguson has got it wrong.

    Should you need convincing, read on to discover just three of the reasons why Gerrard is "a top top player."







Opinion of Fellow Professionals

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    When one of the greatest players of all time labels somebody as the best player in the world then you stand up and take note.

    That's exactly what former Real Madrid and France star Zinedine Zidane said of Gerrard in March 2009as reported by the Guardian—shortly after the Reds captain gave a man of the match performance while dumping the Spanish side out of the 2008/09 Champions League.

    Adding in the same article that Gerrard "has everything" and claiming he is more important and a more complete player than the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, coming from a man who himself dominated games for many years is quite the compliment.

    Many Reds players both past and present who have worked with Gerrard day in and day out have also not been shy in complimenting the gifted Scouser.

    ESPN report how controversial striker Luis Suarez has himself hailed his captain as "the best player he has played with" while David Maddock of the Mirror reports that to Reds boss Brendan Rodgers, Gerrard is "the best player he has ever worked with."

    As you would probably expect, ex-Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher is also not short of backing his former skipper. He revealed to the Daily Mail that he is of the belief that Gerrard was "born world-class" and is indeed superior to Scholes.

    From working with Gerrard on a daily basis, Spanish youngster Suso has admitted that since arriving at Anfield, his Reds teammate has overtaken the aforementoned Zidane as his idol, telling Liverpoolfc.tv that his captain "is from another world."

The Facts & Statistics

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    You don't make over 600 appearances scoring almost 150 goals for a club the size of Liverpool without being a great player.

    Add to this to a more than respectable medal haul of three League Cups, two FA Cups, one UEFA Cup, one European Cup, two UEFA Super Cups and two Charity Shields and you've got some player.

    Gerrard didn't just win these medals, he earned them.

    A goalscorer in the final of the Champions League, FA Cup, League Cup and UEFA Cup, Gerrard has contributed to his club's success as much as anyone.

    During his time at Anfield, the midfielder has become the club's all-time leading goalscorer in Europe, an impressive feat given the magnitude of success the Reds have had in Europe over the years. 

    He leads a list that features the likes of Ian Rush and Michael Owen, while the likes of Kenny Dalglish and Kevin Keegan have featured for the Reds in Europe in far better Liverpool sides than those that Gerrard has been a part of.

    He has been a captain for 10 years.

    The Reds have had some truly wonderful captains over the years. The likes of Emlyn Hughes and Alan Hansen have lead the club during trophy-laden years, but none wore the armband for over a decade.

    Simply put, you aren't the captain of Liverpool for a decade without being at least a bit special.

    In that time, Gerrard has seen players come and go, bonds made then broken, but his is a bond that will forever remain.

    All statistics taken from Liverpoolfc.tv



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    Just where do you start?

    A night that is etched in the memory of every Liverpool fan the world over. May 25, 2005 and the night of probably the greatest comeback in football history.

    As Liverpool trailed AC Milan 3-0 at half time of the Champions League Final, heads were down and tears were shed as Reds fans wondered just how much worse things could get.

    Then, up stepped a hero.

    A local lad carrying the hopes and dreams of every Liverpool fan on his shoulders, and did he disappoint? You bet he didn't.

    Gerrard was superman. From heading in the first goal of his side's fight back to popping up at right-back during extra-time, he was everywhere.

    If Roy Keane single-handedly dragged Manchester United to the Champions League final back in 1999, then in 2005 Gerrard almost single-handedly won it.

    Once he believed, the fans believed. 

    He won the penalty from which Xabi Alonso missed then scored the rebound and was a colossus both in defence and attack.

    He would go on to be voted the Most Valuable Player of the 2004/05 Champions League campaign, a recognition most definitely deserved.

    It cannot be underestimated just how big a role the skipper played that night, arguably changing the direction the club would take from thereon in.

    The smile on his face while hoisting the European Cup above his head into the Istanbul sky tells its own story.

    A similar story can be told of one year later. In the 2006 FA Cup Final and he did it all over again.

    However, in the case of Steven Gerrard, extra justification isn't needed as to why he is such a fantastic player.

    Those who have watched him grow not only as a player but as a leader and as a man, already know.

    Leave your comments below on what you think makes Stevie G a "top top player."