High School Football Team Laterals Ball Twice, Scores Ridiculous TD

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Why kneel the ball when three different players can just carry it 50 yards into the end zone?

A high school football game in Texas took an unexpected turn last Friday night when one team managed to lateral its way into the end zone from midfield.

The video was first spotted by BobsBlitz.com, and it shows the Rockwall Yellowjackets running the ball through the Tyler Lee Red Raiders on a ridiculous 51-yard run involving three laterals.

The best part? It was just the last play of the first half

This wasn’t a last-ditch effort to win the game. This wasn’t for all the cookies in the jar. This was just Yellowjackets quarterback Will Reed taking off from midfield and magic following in his wake. 

Reed starts the play in a Pistol formation, evades the rush and takes off downfield. Realizing he has other faster options running around him, he dumps the ball off to wideout Xavier Castille and gets out the way. That’s when the things get crazy.

Castille shakes, bakes and cuts back across the field, where he then laterals the ball to sophomore wideout Tamba Juanah near the 20-yard line. 

The Yellowjackets appear to be out of luck at this point—that is, until Juanah gets a monster block near the sideline and knifes through three more defenders. The result is an incredible touchdown and a wild end to the first half of play.

Some teams would’ve just kneeled the ball and headed for the locker room. But these guys went for broke, and it paid dividends.

Rockwall went on to win the game, defeating Tyler Lee 43-33. And to that I say God bless laterals—they truly take football to the next level.


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