Cody Rhodes and Goldust Are the Least Likely Champions to Lose at Hell in a Cell

Ryan DilbertWWE Lead WriterOctober 24, 2013


Cody Rhodes and Goldust will hold fast to the WWE Tag Team Championships at Hell in a Cell 2013 like two gators clenching prey in their maws.

The brothers have too much momentum behind them to give up the belts so soon. Smarter bets for who will go from champion to empty-handed performer are elsewhere on the pay-per-view's card.

Never mind that Rhodes and Goldust have two sets of challengers while Alberto Del Rio, Curtis Axel and AJ Lee have but one—expect The Shield and The Usos to leave the American Airlines Arena with their heads hanging low.

The first thing on the Rhodes brothers' side is time.

When Hell in a Cell rolls around, they will have been Tag Team champs for just 13 days. WWE Tag Team Championship history reminds us that short-lived tag team reigns are rare. John Cena and The Miz lost the belts in 2011 on the same day they won them when The Corre demanded an immediate rematch.

Cena and David Otunga were only champions for a day before Wade Barrett demanded that they let Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel beat them.

Other than those shenanigans, the last team to have a reign of two weeks or less was Batista and Rey Mysterio, who only remained champs for the second half of December 2005. If teams like Otunga and McGillicutty can reign for three months and Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder can stay champs for two, Rhodes and Goldust can be expected to keep the belts well past Hell in a Cell.

Beyond numbers, the story of Goldust returning and he and Rhodes defying Triple H's dictatorship is just too compelling to puncture already.

WWE has balanced out Daniel Bryan's stumbling with the Rhodes brothers' triumph. Fans have seen Bryan get beat down and outnumbered time and time again. The new Tag Team champs have provided moments of glory to balance out that bleakness.

For Rhodes and Goldust to lose the symbols of their success already would be counterproductive.

They need to at least successfully defend the titles a few times to have their title win be significant, not viewed as a fluke. For them to lose at Hell in a Cell would be a step backward, regardless if WWE is heading toward a narrative that sees someone topple the brothers or has them turn on each other.

The Shield, which at one point seemed unbeatable, has lost twice to Rhodes and Goldust. Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins have struggled with this pair more than any other. 

Reigns get a close-up view of Goldust's boot. (Photo: WWE)
Reigns get a close-up view of Goldust's boot. (Photo: WWE)

Look to Del Rio to find a man far more likely to be dethroned.

Cena's habit of winning world titles has him approaching Ric Flair's record number of reigns at Usain Bolt-like speed. The champion, in this case, enters as the underdog. Not only does Del Rio have to deal with a returning Cena but with the threat of Damien Sandow wielding his Money in the Bank briefcase.

Axel fans should be fearful heading into the event as well.

Big E. Langston's face turn has generated some solid momentum for him. He gets his first shot at a singles title while on the main roster, and there's a strong argument for him to walk away with the Intercontinental Championship.

Axel winning would be fine, but Langston's celebratory moment leading to a title feud with both Axel and Ryback is a better option.

It would provide a spark to the IC title with a new champion and a rising star. Also, having someone like Ryback, who was recently in the main event, would make the title seem more desirable. 

WWE pay-per-views don't generally feature more than two title changes. Battleground and Money in the Bank 2013 saw no new champions, Night of Champions had Bryan defeat Randy Orton to become WWE champ, albeit for less than a day, while Extreme Rules, Payback and SummerSlam each had titles change hands twice.

There will be a new WWE titleholder as the guest referee for that match, Shawn Michaels, has promised.

Don't count on more than one more championship finding a new waist to call home, and don't expect it to be Rhodes and Goldust who lose their titles. They are far too hot, while Del Rio and Axel's vulnerability awaits to be pounced upon.