PBR World Finals 2013: Round-by-Round Results and Top Riders

Richard Langford@@noontide34Correspondent IOctober 24, 2013

PBR World Finals 2013: Round-by-Round Results and Top Riders

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    At the Thomas & Mack Center in Las Vegas on Sunday, J.B. Mauney capped off a dramatic comeback to overtake two-time defending champion Silvano Alves and win his first PBR World Championship.

    At one point this season, Mauney trailed Alves by nearly 3,000 points. He used a spectacular second half of the season to close the gap and entered this final event trailing by less than 550 points. 

    He wound up edging out Alves by 471 points. Joao Ricardo Viera finished a distant third, 3,021.77 points behind Mauney. He did win Rookie of the Year.

    Check out the recap of each round of an exciting PBR World Finals in the following slides. 

World Finals Schedule and TV Coverage

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    The World Finals have evolved into a week-long celebration. A full event schedule can be found at the event's official website, but it is the World Finals that take center stage. 

    The Riders will compete five straight days to determine the World Finals champion. There will be one round per day until the final day.

    CBS Sports Network will bring live coverage of every round. CBS helps you find the station here.

    World Finals Schedule
    Date/Time (ET)EventTV
    Oct. 23 at 9 p.m.Round 1 of PBR World FinalsCBS Sports Network
    Oct. 24 at 9 p.m.Round 2 of PBR World FinalsCBS Sports Network
    Oct. 25 at 9 p.m.Round 3 of PBR World FinalsCBS Sports Network
    Oct. 26 at 9 p.m.Round 4 of PBR World FinalsCBS Sports Network
    Oct. 27 at 2:30 p.m.Round 5 and Championship Round of PBR World FinalsCBS Sports Network


Overall Standings and Race for the Championship

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    The draw for the event is available on the official website. Check out the top 10 in the standings below, or view the full standings here

    Two-time defending champion Silvano Alves is in second place at 11,305.00. As the only back-to-back winner of this event, he is trying to extend his record and legacy. It won't be easy. J.B. Mauney started off the year slow, but he's been on fire to close the year.

    The 26-year-old is looking for his first championship, and he currently owns the lead above the pack at 11,331.75.

    One of these two excellent riders is almost certain to take the title. Rookie Joao Ricardo sits in third and trails by 2,142.02 points. 

    1Silvano Alves11740.50 
    2J.B. Mauney11720.75-19.75
    3Joao Ricardo Vieira9189.73-2550.77
    4Guilherme Marchi8546.32-3194.18
    5Marco Eguchi8233.55-3506.95
    6Eduardo Aparecido7695.40-4045.10
    7Cody Nance7685.29-4055.21
    8Mike Lee6794.37-4946.13
    9L.J. Jenkins6759.04-4981.46
    10Jory Markiss6292.75-5447.75

Round 1 Recap

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    Cody Nance won Round 1 with a marvelous ride of Roy that had him walk away with 89 points, but it is J.B. Mauney that is the real story.

    Mauney sent a big message to Silvano Alves on Wednesday night. Riding right before Alves, Mauney posted an 88.75-point ride on Train Robber that moved him into second in the round standings. Alves could not return as dramatic an answer. 

    He went for 73.75 points and was offered a re-ride. He turned it down and wound up in 13th for the round.

    Two-time defending champion Alves has consistently turned down re-rides in his career, so this decision was not all that shocking. Still, it may end up costing him the championship. I have to think he will regret making that call if that transpires. 


    Round 1 Results via PBR.com

    1. Cody Nance

    2. J.B. Mauney

    3. Guilherme Marchi

    4. Renato Nunes 

    5. Markus Mariluch 

Round 2 Recap

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    Round 2 of the PBR World Finals was a memorable one, as favorites built upon early success and underdogs stepped up. All in all, the top of the standings remained the same with J.B. Mauney putting together yet another masterful round.

    Mauney managed a score of 46.00 with Smackdown as his bull. This brings his total to 93.75. He's in first place after two days with $25,000 of earnings.

    Behind Mauney is Joao Ricardo Vieira at 91.00, who took on Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey during Round 2. Viera managed a score of 44.75 in round two, which was strong enough to hold off Brant Atwood for second-place.

    Atwood had a brilliant day, finishing at 45.25 atop Lightmaker's Rango. Atwood now has a total score of 90.75 and is in third place entering the final day.


    Round 2 Results via PBR.com

    1. J.B. Mauney

    2. Joao Ricardo Viera

    3. Brant Atwood

    4. L.J. Jenkins

    5. Silvano Alves

Round 3 Recap

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    Round 3 of the 2013 PBR World Finals is in the books, and a surprising name topped the charts. 24-year-old Stormy Wing emerged victorious with a score of 91.25, and the overall standings saw a surprising shift.

    Here's how the action all transpired.

    Stormy Wing was tasked with riding Nitro Carrilo Cartel and rose to the occasion. He dominated the competition with poise and balance, resulting in a $25,000 pay day and a meteoric rise in the standings.

    Silvano Alves came in second at 89.50 while riding Showboat en route to an $18,000 return. He narrowly edged out J.B. Mauney, who finished in third at 89.00 after putting together a very strong round, but one that failed to live up to his Day 2 dominance.

    It's a close race heading into the final day of the event.


    Round 3 Results via PBR.com

    1. Stormy Wing

    2. Silvano Alves

    3. J.B. Mauney

    4. Matt Triplett

    5. L.J. Jenkins

Round 4 and Final Round Recap

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    J.B. Mauney was stellar in the final day of competition. 

    In Round 5, the 26-year-old drew Wipeout and he rid the bull for a 93-point ride. He couldn't quite follow that up in the Championship Round, but he did get a spectacular 91. He won both rounds. 

    Silvano Alves certainly didn't give up his championship without a fight. He rode Cowtown Slinger to a score of 88.25 in Round 4. However, he was only able to post a score of 81.25 in the Championship Round. He then had to watch Mauney take his title. 

    Scores via PBR.com.