EA Sports FIFA 14: Top Goals of the Last Week

Nick Akerman@NakermanFeatured ColumnistOctober 22, 2013

EA Sports FIFA 14: Top Goals of the Last Week

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    Clive Rose/Getty Images

    Following last week's best FIFA 14 goals, this edition is full of ridiculous long strikes and a couple of magic moments from the boys at Tottenham Hotspur.

    Sunday League managers across the globe often tell their players to take a pop at goal from distance.

    Here, we have plenty of evidence supporting that piece of advice.

    Get ready for mazy runs, a cracker of a volley and enough top corner strikes to get the least ardent FIFA 14 fans smiling.


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    YouTube User: SerbianGamesBL

    Much has been made about the importance of close control in FIFA 14.

    As this video shows, loosely guiding the ball also has the power to outfox the opposition.

    Paulinho is a complete midfielderthe kind of player who can naturally tackle, pass, dribble and score goals.

    With Brazil 5-0 down to Italy, it seems Cesare Prandelli's team switches off for a few seconds.

    Although there's little to play for, Paulinho snatches a consolation that sees him use both feet to outwit a stumbling defence. Who needs close control when you can yo-yo the ball between your legs?

    The Spurs midfielder dazzles his way through and finishes brilliantly.

Jermain Man

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    YouTube User: FifaCentral

    Not wanting to be outdone by his teammate, Jermain Defoe's expert finish is to be expected from the Englishman.

    A simple throw is headed towards the box, but with Defoe struggling to make up ground, it seems he isn't going to force a connection. His pace excels across the last few yards, and he manages to rifle a superb volley into the top corner.

    Notice the power behind this shot. Both feet come off the floor after Defoe lets the ball travel across his body. Fantastic stuff.

Gareth Bale Earns His Spurs

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    YouTube User: Sports4youCR7

    From current Spurs players to one former superstar who recently left for Real Madrid.

    Nothing difficult about this one.

    Bale simply picks up the ball and unleashes a dipping long shot toward goal.

    Keep an eye on the manner in which the ball moves, as FIFA 14's "Pure Shot" physics makes all the difference here.

    The height of this attempt also makes it notable.

    Despite initially heading towards the top corner, the ball actually ends up nearer the bottom. The goalkeeper can't track the flight of the ball and is powerless to stop it hitting the back of the net.

    More from Bale later.


Time to Get Frank

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    YouTube User: Callisto

    Although witnessing Frank Lampard in a Barcelona shirt is rather weird, the Chelsea legend's goal is more than enough to get Camp Nou goers and Stamford Bridge followers excited.

    This shot is all about the laces.

    A tremendous thump of power is lashed through the ball and away from Lampard's body. As such, a devastating curl is added as the shot whips toward a postage stamp position.

    If you're not utilising "Pure Shot" mechanics, you're doing it wrong.

The Welsh Wizard Strikes Again

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    YouTube User: santi9590

    Have those long shots whet your appetite for something even more special?

    Bale is back, and he has you covered.

    Some goals don't need to be described to be appreciated.

    All I need to say is this: pace, power, distance, height, no chance.

    Think you can do better? Leave your best goals of the last week in the comments section below or fire them over to me on Twitter: