Tyler Hansbrough Has a Change of Heart When He Realizes Who's Messing with Him

Kyle NewportFeatured ColumnistOctober 21, 2013

Toronto Raptors forward Tyler Hansbrough plays with a lot of emotion. He got feisty while getting tangled up with New York Knicks forward Metta World Peace, but he quickly changed his attitude when he realized who it was.

Given World Peace's history, it's understandable as to why Hansbrough quickly calmed down and took the blame.

World Peace tweeted about the incident after the game. 


Tyler Hansbrough is a tough kid . Stop be silly people!!! He is going to be a champ one day. Keep being tough Tyler!!

— Metta World Peace (@MettaWorldPeace) October 22, 2013

I would play on Tyler's team anyday.. you guys are silly!! Stop adding fire to pre season ball. Fighting doesnt make u tough. win'n does!

— Metta World Peace (@MettaWorldPeace) October 22, 2013

Tyler Hansbrough, dont listen to these fools. Keep being s hard nose ball player!!!

— Metta World Peace (@MettaWorldPeace) October 22, 2013