WWE Hell in a Cell 2013: Superstars Who Don't Deserve PPV Spotlight

Bryan HaasFeatured ColumnistOctober 25, 2013

WWE Hell in a Cell 2013: Superstars Who Don't Deserve PPV Spotlight

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    With Hell in a Cell just around the corner, the WWE Universe is gearing up for one of the most hard-hitting and brutal pay-per-view events of the year.

    The possible show-stopping match of the night pits Randy Orton against Daniel Bryan as they wage war over the fate of the WWE Championship.

    Bryan, one of the most hard-working superstars on the roster, is a bonafide crowd favorite and the WWE's savior in the absence of John Cena.

    Orton, a calculating heel, is doing his best to keep up with Bryan, but at times seems outpaced by the bearded superstar.

    It's not that Orton is undeserving of his spot in this caliber of match, it's just that his opponent is much better in the ring than he is.

    Orton's cunning may save him in his matchup, but other superstars on the roster may not be so lucky as they face bigger and sometimes better opponents, who are well above their skill level.

Brie Bella

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    We all loved seeing Brie Bella and her lovey-dovey story with Daniel Bryan that was portrayed on the E! network’s Total Divas.

    However, her in-ring work is really rudimentary, and—at the end of the day—wrestling is a big part of what the WWE is all about.

    On top of that, her current feud with Divas champion AJ Lee seems to be going nowhere.

    Yes, Bella holds several victories over the champion, but Lee will still likely be the last woman standing at the pay-per-view. She is younger, quicker and far more skilled than Bella, and at times seems to be trying very hard not to show her up.

    In addition, it is hard to tell exactly where Bella stands in terms of whether she is a face or heel.

    She is constantly playing to the crowd, but at the same time flashes the "L" on her forehead and uses other heel tactics. It leaves the crowd wondering exactly how to react, which leads to the tepid reaction she ultimately receives.

    Bella might be a beautiful woman and a high-profile reality television star, but does she have what it takes to be the top female wrestler on the WWE roster? Probably not. 

Curtis Axel

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    After the Michael McGillicutty character was rebranded as Curtis Axel in May, he went on quite a tear, picking up victories over Triple H, John Cena and Chris Jericho. He then followed up those wins and all of the hype behind him by winning the Intercontinental title at Payback in June.

    Since then, Axel has done very little in the way of distinguishing himself from the rest of the WWE roster. Yes, he was involved in a high-profile storyline that concerned CM Punk and manager Paul Heyman, but he simply existed in that story and was not a main player.

    His match at Hell in a Cell with Big E. Langston is an excuse to give the rising star a quick push by having him defeat Axel, which he will likely do in quick and convincing fashion. With his powerful and punishing style, Langston may well deliver on all of the hype that the company could put behind him.  

Alberto Del Rio

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    courtesy of wwe.com

    Alberto Del Rio is the world heavyweight champion.


    However, it is also a fact that the WWE Universe does not always see him on WWE programming. Even when they do, it is in quick squash matches over less-than-qualified opponents.

    His most recent outing saw him attack WWE announcer Josh Matthews, leaving him with an injured arm.

    With such a high-profile opponent (a returning John Cena) looming on the horizon, wouldn't it make sense for the company to put Del Rio front and center at all times to hype up the impending showdown?

    It would—if only Del Rio were capable of creating that type of excitement.

    Del Rio, for all of his success, has still yet to completely catch on as a commodity in the company. As a heel, fans dislike him, but have never outright hated him. As a face, he was never able to completely shed his slimy heel gimmick, which led to him looking foolish in promos.

    Becoming a villain again was smart, but it still did nothing for his image.

    Frankly, the fact that he is facing Cena at Hell in a Cell is the only intriguing thing about Del Rio at the moment.

    But, in the champ's words, you already knew that.