5 Things Texas A&M Fans Would Give Up for Another Year of Johnny Football

Michael Taglienti@@miketag98Featured ColumnistOctober 22, 2013

5 Things Texas A&M Fans Would Give Up for Another Year of Johnny Football

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    The Texas A&M football team is 5-2 on the season and effectively out of the BCS title race. The Aggies would be a legitimate contender for the national title in 2014 if Johnny Manziel returns to Aggieland for his junior season. 

    The 2013 version of the Aggies are a very young team. There are only six senior starters on the 2013 depth chart

    The sophomores and juniors that are taking their lumps on the Texas A&M defense will be better in 2014 with an extra year of experience. An extra year in the weight room will do wonders for the freshmen starters like defensive tackle Isaiah Golden and middle linebacker Darian Claiborne. 

    If Manziel returned for his junior season as the quarterback for A&M, then the Aggies can expect to have an explosive offense once again. A high scoring offense, coupled with an improved defense that features more experience and depth, would make the Aggies a preseason Top Five team. 

    Manziel is projected to go in the first round of the draft and is expected to declare for the draft after the 2013 season. If he remained in Aggieland, it would represent a huge boost to the A&M program and a monumental surprise to college fans everywhere. 

    This is a look at what the average Aggie football fan would give up for another season of Johnny Football at quarterback. 

Their House

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    Where you live is temporary, but national titles are forever. Who needs a house when you can live in an apartment? 

    Who needs the headaches of lawn care and house repairs, when you can have maintenance on site in an apartment. Have you ever considered the the strategic advantages of owning a mobile home? 

    How many people are actually living in the same home they owned in 2008 anyway? Home ownership used to be the American Dream, but does it really measure up to the joy experienced when your team wins a national title? 

    Watching Johnny Manziel scramble around and then complete a pass invigorates the heart of football fans in a way that home ownership never could. 

    You can always buy a new home, but you cannot buy a national championship in football. 


Their Car

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    Everyone knows that cars are an ecological evil. If you give up your car and ride a bike, you will get in shape and help the environment at the same time. 

    That means you will be able to live longer to tell your children and grandchildren stories about what Johnny Manziel did on the field in 2014. 

    Public transportation is underutilized in most cities. Everyone could use a little more exercise and walk to work. If it is good enough for the all the urban dwellers on the east coast, it is good enough for Aggie fans. 

    You can always find a good deal on a used car in a year or two. Imagine all the other Aggies you can bond with on bus rides down to Aggieland to see Johnny Manziel play. 

    A car is an easy trade for another season of watching the greatest Aggie football player of all time. 

Their Wife

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    Is this even a question? The person who nags you about how much money you spend on season tickets, or the quarterback who gave you a win over No. 1 Alabama in Tuscaloosa? 

    This kills two birds with one stone. You get your quarterback back, and you no longer have anyone preventing you from building the tailgate trailer of your dream. 

    There will be some sacrifices involved. You will actually have to get the kids ready for school, and your doctor might not like your switch to a diet of nothing but TV dinners. He is probably an Arkansas fan anyway. 

    What would he know about Heisman Trophy quarterbacks? You can explain to your kids why mommy is never coming home later. Right now, you need to enjoy watching the greatest quarterback ever to put on an Aggie uniform. 


Their Retirement Account

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    Who wants to retire anyway? You say you can relax and go fishing whenever you want? What are you going to do the other six days of the week?

    Getting up and going to work every day keeps you invigorated. The next big event that happens in life after you retire is death. 

    Who wants to sit around waiting to die, when instead you can go watch Johnny Football shred SEC defenses? 

    A lifetime of retirement savings is nothing compared to the thrill you get when you put that 2014 national championship cap on your head. 

Their Health

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    A championship season full of tailgating with barbecue and cold beer is definitely worth the extra five to 10 years that diet may take of your life expectancy. Have you ever seen someone who is over 100 years old? Do you really want to look like that?

    Would you rather live to 75 and be buried in your 2014 national title t-shirt, or live to 105 and never know what it feels like to win a national title? 

    There are very few Aggies still alive who experienced the last national title that A&M won in 1939. Most Aggies would give up five to 10 years of life expectancy in return for seeing Johnny Manziel lead the Aggies to another national title in 2014.