Cincinnati Bengals: It's Time to Kick Ocho-Cinco to the Curb

Michael HicksSenior Analyst IApril 17, 2008

Chad Johnson does not want to play football for the Bengals anymore. After reports from Bengals QB Carson Palmer that Chad said he would come to camp and offseason workouts, Johnson made sure the Bengals knew his true feelings.

"I want to make this very clear,'' Johnson said Wednesday. "I don't know where he got that. I made no assertion to Carson that I would do that. Nothing has changed from what I've been saying for three months that I don't want to play for the Bengals.''

So if I were Mike Brown or Marvin Lewis, I would make his wish come true and kick him to the curb. The Bengals have already cut ties with troubled wide out Chris Henry now its time to move on from this cancer. Now the sad part Chad is not a bad guy, he does not get arrested, and he is not  getting pulled over for DUI's, but he does not know when to shut up.

You have a contract with the Bengals that you signed. It's fair and they are paying you a lot of money to play the game you love ,so shut up and play. But if you do shut up and play, I can guarantee you it will not be for Cincy.