Indianapolis Colts Owner Jim Irsay Enjoys Win with Nice Little Twitter Tirade

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterOctober 21, 2013

There are a couple of things to take away from Jim Irsay's recent Twitter escapade: The Colts owner doesn't sleep much, and he isn't all that big a fan of those Negative Nancys of the media world. 

Yahoo! Sports' Anwar S. Richardson spotted the most recent bout of intriguing words coming from the oft-opinionated owner. 

Here is how things played out on Irsay's Twitter feed in the hours following his team's 39-33 win over Peyton Manning's Denver Broncos. 

As Irsay points out, it was an emotional night for both the Broncos quarterback and the Colts fans who had once cheered him as their own. The beautiful moment was captured on various sites and is well worth a look. 

Now forget all about that mushy stuff, because Irsay has some things on his mind. Be warned that one of the following tweets features a NSFW naughty word. 

Irsay doesn't take a night off, even when his team gets a hard-fought win during a highly anticipated homecoming from a former star. 

It may have been late, but Irsay was more than willing to take the media meanies to task for an exhausting week. 

For those uninitiated, Irsay sounded off on Manning and the Colts' playoff history with him under center in a USA Today article. 

It was easy for reporters and fans to read between the lines and assume Irsay was taking Manning to task for not cashing in more Super Bowl titles during his Colts tenure. 

That's certainly how his current head coach, John Fox, saw things, via NBC Sports

I saw the comments [from Irsay] and to be honest with you I thought it was a bit of a cheap shot. To me, in my opinion, they were disappointing and inappropriate. 

This is just what comes from an owner who is quite comfortable being the face, head and mouth of a franchise. Irsay says what's on his mind and embraces all that Twitter has to offer. This is hardly the last time he will say something that might be construed as slap in the face to a former player, and it will hardly be the last time he handles his own PR in the form of late-night tweets. 

At the very least, we have an owner who is far more entertaining than most of the suits running franchises around the league. 

There aren't many who could drop a NSFW tweet and walk away with a smile. 


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