Reasons Why Gareth Bale Deal Can Be a Huge Mistake for Real Madrid

Tre' Atkinson@@TreAtkinsonFeatured ColumnistOctober 22, 2013

Reasons Why Gareth Bale Deal Can Be a Huge Mistake for Real Madrid

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    Money makes the world go round. However, even in the rich world of football one has to know how to wisely spend money to come out on top.

    At the close of the transfer window Real Madrid made Gareth Bale the most expensive player in football history, with ESPN reporting that they shelled out over €100 million for the Tottenham star.

    Real Madrid got their man, but the real test is just beginning. Bale will either go down as a player worthy of the enormous fee or one who wasted Florentino Perez’s big bucks. It could go either way in the coming years.

    In this article we will take a look at the reasons why the Gareth Bale deal could turn out to be a huge mistake for Real Madrid.

The Money Could Have Been Spent Elsewhere

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    Paying a ridiculous fee can almost always be justified when there is a definite need. However, in no way did Real Madrid need Gareth Bale.

    In truth, the only real need that the Spanish giants had was for a new world-class striker.

    Edinson Cavani, Luis Suarez and others were more than available during the summer transfer window, but Real Madrid never pulled the trigger.

    In fact, according to the Express, Liverpool demanded a fee for Luis Suarez that came out to be roughly half the price that Real Madrid paid for Bale. A move for someone like Suarez would have met an actual need for half the money.

    Bale may work out at Real Madrid. He may realize the best of his potential and justify the price. Yet right now, many Real Madrid fans could be wondering what it would be like had the club passed on the Tottenham man and brought in a striker instead.

Other Players Were Affected

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    I know this picture hurts, Madridistas. I’m sorry.

    Anytime a high-profile player joins a club, other players will feel it. Now it has not been confirmed that the arrival of Bale forced Mesut Ozil out of Madrid, but is difficult to believe that it didn’t play a part.

    Florentino Perez spent the entire summer so focused on Bale that he forgot to think about other matters. When Ozil joined Arsenal it was not only surprising, but it seemed unreal.

    The most astonishing thing is that at Gareth Bale’s presentation, the fans at the Santiago Bernabeu chanted for Florentino Perez not to sell Ozil. That in itself has already put a question mark over the Bale transfer.

    But Ozil may not be the only player affected. Wingers Jese and Angel Di Maria now have more competition, as do midfielders Isco and Luka Modric. They will likely not be negatively affected by Bale’s arrival, but it could prove problematic in the long run.

    As of right now, in the eyes of Madridistas, the only thing Bale's arrival has done is force out Mesut Ozil. If that remains the case for years to come, then the deal was a mistake from the start.

Changing Roles

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    This may go along the same lines as an unnecessary change, but the arrival of Gareth Bale will alter roles that should have remained untouched.

    Real Madrid will be unable to play Bale in his best position, because the left wing already belongs to Cristiano Ronaldo. In truth, it actually makes little sense to make a player the most expensive in history only to play him out of position.

    This means that Bale will either play as the striker, behind the striker or on the right wing.

    Though Bale is a very capable scorer, he is no striker. His eye for goal isn’t that of a striker, and his skills do not fit the position as well as others' do.

    It is almost impossible to play Bale behind the striker because of the presence of Isco. The former Malaga man is new to the club as well, and forcing him to give up the position that he has thrived in so far would not be the right move.

    That only leaves the right wing available for Bale.

    During his career, Bale has rarely played on the right wing and has not been very convincing when doing so. Putting the Welsh international on the opposite side of the field not only stunted his productivity, but he didn't seem comfortable there.

    To put it simply, Real Madrid is now forced to find a place for Bale in the lineup. This presents a rather odd case, because as the world’s most expensive player, Bale should not have to find a spot in the lineuphe should demand it.

Too Much Pressure

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    Looking back at the list of the world’s most expensive footballers is quite astounding. Players like Cristiano Ronaldo, Kaka, Zinedine Zidane and Luis Figo top the list.

    However, Gareth Bale just doesn’t seem fit in this group of players.

    The four players listed above had already proven themselves to be some of the greatest on the planet at the time of their transfers. When big money was shelled out for them, the world knew exactly what each player brought.

    With Ronaldo, Zidane and Figo, Real Madrid knew they were getting massive stars that would win trophies. They were the best around, and nobody had to justify the money spent.

    Even though Kaka did not pan out in the long run, nobody questioned his signing due to the fact that he was arguably the best player on the planet at the time.

    This isn’t the case for Gareth Bale.

    Not only is Bale not in the debate for the best player in the world at the moment, he was arguably not even the best player in England last season.

    When it comes to being the world’s most expensive players, there can’t be any doubt. The player must be the best of the best and guarantee trophies and results.

    Real Madrid took a big chance on Bale, and that will be the storyline for the coming years. He could end up like Ronaldo, who justified every bit of his transfer fee, or he could end up like Kaka, who was a waste of a large chunk of cash.

    The biggest problem for Real Madrid is that Bale does not come with a guarantee. There is still no telling how his career at the Spanish club will turn out, and the scary thing is that it has the possibility to end in disaster.

    Bale has massive pressure on his shoulders that he shouldn’t be forced to carry around. The world will be watching him for a quite a while, but it will likely take a while to determine if the purchase was wise or a mistake.

    Was the Bale purchase a mistake by Real Madrid? How will Bale's career turn out from this point? Leave your thoughts and comments below!

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