NBA Eastern Confrence: Is It the Leastern Confrence

Michael HicksSenior Analyst IApril 17, 2008

The Golden State Warriors capped off a 48 win season and that happened to be 11 more wins than the Atlanta Hawks had. But who do you think is going to the playoffs?

Ladies and Gentlemen your eighth seed in the East the Atlanta Hawks!!!!

How bad is the Eastern Conference when the last three seeds are .500 or worse. Now I am not saying the East is all bad because Boston, Detroit, and the Cleavland LeBron's (I mean the Cavaliers) are going to be contenders for the title, but the West is just too strong. From the No. 1 seed Lakers all the way to the No. 8 seed Denver Nuggets each team in the west won 50 games or more, whereas only three teams came out of the East with 50 or more wins.

If I were a betting man I would say the champion will be the Boston Celtics, but only because the Lakers will have to fight game in and game out and the C's can cruise till they face the Pistons in the Conference Finals. I am looking forward to the next two months of basketball, but I will only be watching the West until the NBA wises up and puts in the best 16 teams in the playoffs.